Holidays with art under the Tuscan sun

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Tuscany is the "heart of Italy" - a region whose landscape and unique culture have charmed many. Tuscany is impossible not to love. It is enough to look at the hills stretching to the horizon, covered with hundreds of small vineyards, which at sunset "light up" in front of our eyes with a real madness of colors.

The tiny towns emerging from the morning mists are one of the most romantic paintings you can see in Italy. And of course, the places on the map that Tuscany is famous for all over the world: Florence , Pisa and Siena - three cities that are bursting at the seams with world-class monuments. These three reasons: picturesque landscapes, traditional towns and "cities of art" will make every holiday in Tuscany an unforgettable experience. But where to start getting to know this amazing region? The answer is obvious: from Florence, the capital of the region. A city that loves art and beauty like no other in the world is a real dream. Let's start our visit to Florence from the symbol of this city - the Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore , which rises towards the sky, showing the amazing richness of Renaissance decorations. It is easy to understand why this city attracts artists to this day. From the cathedral, it is worth taking a walk to Giotto's Bell Tower, and then reaching the top to admire the entire panorama of the city. From here, it is only a five-minute walk to reach the magnificent Palazzo Vecchio - the former town hall, famous for its numerous decorations and frescoes on the walls. Interestingly, it was in front of the main entrance of the Palazzo Vecchio that stood "David" - one of the most famous sculptures by Michelangelo. Today, a faithful replica of it stands in this place.


Pisa and Siena - a living history lesson

Visiting Tuscany would be incomplete without visiting Pisa and Siena - these two cities have a turbulent history that has left its mark on the architecture and culture of these places. Siena, which has struggled with the invasive Florence for centuries, is a defensive city - here you will find powerful medieval walls and towers that were to guard the inhabitants. However, despite numerous wars, Siena has retained its unique character - and many wonderful works of art. In the city hall, which is over 800 years old, you will find amazing frescoes by the famous Simone Martini, and in the Pinacotheque - the finest examples of Sienese medieval art. Of course, Pisa attracts tourists with one attraction - the "Leaning Tower" . However, it is worth spending some time to explore other attractions of this city: the mighty Romanesque cathedral ( il duomo ) or the Campo Santo Monumentale - a unique cemetery full of well-preserved tombstones dating back to the Roman Empire.

Camping in Tuscany


An overnight stay in Tuscany should meet three basic conditions: a convenient location, modern amenities and a friendly atmosphere. Camping Norcenni Girasole Club has it all and, as it turns out, a lot more. Nestled in the picturesque Chianti hills (yes, this is where this famous wine is made!), It is the perfect place to start your exploration of the entire region. The campsite is surrounded by forest, providing shade and a sense of privacy. The city center is just a step away (2 km) - so it is worth going for a relaxing walk and have an excellent espresso on the spot in one of the numerous cafes. Active people will be happy here: there is a mountain bike rental on site, a guarded swimming pool, and even - the possibility of horse riding. Kids will also love this place - the animators always eager to have fun offer different games and activities for each age group every day - on the playground, in the water park, and even on the trampoline!

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