How to spend a great time in Zakopane

How to spend a great time in Zakopane – main image

Attractions? Naturally!

Giewont is undoubtedly a symbol of Podhale. The characteristic steel cross offers an amazing, breathtaking view. The route to the top is not difficult - it should not take more than 6 hours in good weather conditions. After such a trip, a hotel in Zakopane and a comfortable bed will provide a new dimension of pleasure.

The Kościeliska Valley is a magical place - there are legends that there are treasures hidden in the valley. None of them have been found yet, but it is worth going there anyway, because it is one of the most beautiful places for mountain walks. And it has a really rich history - its traces can be seen even today.

Zakopane can also boast a waterfall. Siklawica is located in the Strążyska Valley, it consists of two almost vertical walls that can be approached. This 23-meter waterfall makes an amazing impression at any time of the year - green spring or romantic winter.

It is impossible to miss Morskie Oko. The largest lake in the Tatras of post-glacial origin has inspired many artists, painters, poets and musicians over the years. In 2014, it was recognized as one of the most beautiful lakes in the world by The Wall Street Journal. Nice recommendation, isn't it?

After hiking, the perfect end to your day is in a comfortable mountain hotel with a swimming pool. Can there be too many impressions? Probably not.

Attractive culture

The Tatra Museum is one of the oldest regional museums in Poland. The exhibition refers to the history and art of the Tatra Mountains and Podhale. It consists of many departments, each of them covers a different topic. All in amazing interiors, full of traditional stories and legends.

From the outside, Willa Oksza looks like a charming hotel, Zakopane has a lot of them. And here's a surprise, because it's an art gallery. And it's not that ordinary. Its history dates back to 1894. For years, it was a home to the nobility and counts, a school, a holiday resort and a presbytery. Only since 2006 is it an art gallery that we can admire today. And this is just the beginning, the real attractions start in the middle.

Noteworthy are also the Church of Our Lady of Częstochowa and the Cemetery of Merit in Pęksowy Brzyzek. The chapel, one of the most important monuments of Podhale, is the oldest church in Zakopane. The wooden interior consists of works of highlander art and is the quintessence of folk culture. The cemetery, entered in the register of monuments, is a place with a difficult history, which today is filled with unique and priceless works of art.

Rest and relaxation

With so many attractions, it is worth taking care of a proper rest - a hotel in Zakopane is not a problem. However, in order for the trip to be really successful and unique, it is worth choosing the best place for the night. An ideal hotel in Zakopane should reflect the atmosphere of the mountains, but with a bit of luxury. So as to forget about everyday life and calmly enjoy the amazing atmosphere. It is important that the place is filled with true highlander hospitality, it will ensure that nothing will disturb your stay.

Speaking of pleasures, the kitchen must be mentioned. It seems that Zakopane is the land of mulled wine and oscypek cheese - nothing could be more wrong. Although you can get virtually any dish in the mountains, with mutton and lamb leading the way, you must try sauerkraut soup and moskola. Because it is the history of this region - but on the plate.

When it comes to hotels, Zakopane offers something extraordinary - many of them are attractions in themselves. Beautiful facilities, amazing cuisine ... and suddenly it turns out that the planned stay is too short.

For the brave

If the hotel in Zakopane provides adequate relaxation, time for activities for adrenaline enthusiasts and non-obvious attractions - caves. And there are several of them in Podhale. The Mroźna Cave is considered one of the most beautiful and the only one that is illuminated - it will certainly be a good start.
To visit the Raptawicka Cave, you have to go down the ladder, because its depth is 15 m. A stream used to flow through it, and today it is home to large-eared bats and golden-eyed scots.
The Obłazkowa Cave is very narrow and will surely provide an exciting experience - walking through the corridors requires walking on all fours and crawling.

Downhill from the Wielka Krokiew ski jump sounds like a joke, right? But it is possible. Although everything is done with the appropriate rules and safety measures, the thrill remains. The speed that can be achieved is even 90 km / h.

Zakopane is full of beautiful places - not only the popular and obvious ones. You can easily find interesting activities that will satisfy the most demanding. However, if the main purpose of the trip is rest and relaxation, a hotel in Zakopane seems to be a reasonable solution. Because the climate and atmosphere can be the biggest attractions.

Zakopane is an amazing place. It combines the beauty of nature with exclusive resorts and distinctive architecture. Unique highlander atmosphere, multitude of activities, great cuisine, mulled wine and charming hotels. Every year, it hosts 1.5 million tourists from all over the world. What is the secret of the winter capital of Poland?

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