How to spend a quiet family day in Garda Trentino?

How to spend a quiet family day in Garda Trentino? – main image

If it is going to be a quiet day, you definitely have to go to the lake! But I don't know if you know that the Garda Trentino region is not only the great Lake Garda. It is also a multitude of small mountain lakes with an amazing water color, often connected with each other by bicycle or pedestrian paths.

We recommend going to Lago di Tenno , from which it is only a stone's throw away, to visit the medieval town of Tenno. On the way down (because the lake is high in the mountains), be sure to stop and cool down in the grotto with a waterfall .

Walk through the vineyard

Visiting the vineyard with tasting is another point that you cannot miss while on vacation in Italy. We chose the small family vineyard Cantina di Pedrotii .

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