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America is a huge area, but what could be better than exploring the quiet, huge roads of the Wild West aboard a campervan ? Explore wonderful national parks, natural monuments and landmarks as you follow in the footsteps of Wild Bill Hickock, Calamity Jane and Buffalo Bill while observing nature. This is the REAL America.

USA in a motorhome. Details of the trip

  • RV rental location: Denver
  • Place of delivery of the motorhome: Salt Lake City
  • Duration of the trip: 15 days
  • Length of the route: 1940 miles

Camper travel route


The routes we publish on the portal are created in cooperation with Cruise America - the largest motorhome rental company in the USA and Canada. In the fall of 2020, we became the only and official representative of Cruise America in Poland. Soon we will all be able to move freely in the US in our motorhome . The costs of such a ready route are given at the end of the article.

If you want us to evaluate your individual motorhome trip around the USA or Canada - write to us at: [email protected] . Remember that we guarantee lower prices than when you book directly with Cruise America . Soon you will be able to check the prices in person on our website: www.usakamperem.pl . But now you can subscribe to the newsletter on this page. In response to the subscription you will get a tourbook and you will not miss the launch of the price search engine! You will find a lot more information about this tour in the tour book. Above all, there are links to all the campsites we recommend. Renting a motorhome in the USA is safe and simple!

Day 1 - Pick up your camper at Cruise America

Pick up your camper and then embark on a journey through the Wild West, this time starting in the capital of Wyoming, Cheyenne. It is worth stopping at Terry Bison Ranch, where a herd of 2,300 buffaloes graze every day. You can also visit the state headquarters building or the state museum. Every year, at the end of July, the Cheyenne Frontier Days festival takes place - book your place in advance , because it's worth seeing the biggest rodeo in the world.

Day 2 - Dakota by RV

Today you're headed to South Dakota, towards the Black Hills. There is a long road ahead of you, but at the end you will find iconic views and lots of attractions. Soon you will be able to admire picturesque paths, unique rock formations and hills covered with forests. If you stay at Elk Mountain Campground , you'll only pay $ 9 to stay here! And if you have an Annual Park Pass, you will not pay anything.


Day 3 - Crazy Horse Memorial

Today you will meet as many as four Presidents. Washington, Jefferson, Roosevelt, and Lincoln are waiting for you at Mount Rushmore National Memorial. Nearby, you will also find another, a bit less known, bas-relief, namely the Crazy Horse Memorial. A sculpture commemorating the famous Crazy Horse Memorial - an Indian warrior. Work on it is still in progress, but it is expected that the sculpture will be 195 m long and 172 m wide.

It is worth taking the Iron Mountain Road and Needles Highway to admire the unique landscapes. In the evening, relax as the sun sets and admire the outliers, gullies, and canyons of the Badlands National Park.

Day 4 - See Kevin Costner's Casino

Remember movies like Dances with Wolves or Close Up Third Kinds? A winter scene with Kevin Costner was filmed in Spearfish Canyon. While filming these scenes, Kevin Costner fell in love with the town of Deadwood. The attraction turned out to be so strong that at the moment the actor owns one of the many casinos in this town. Devil's Tower, where "Close Encounters" was filmed, is your spot for the night. On the way to Devil's Tower, it is worth stopping in Rapid City, the city of Presidents. You can feel the unique atmosphere of a big city here, and visit the Journey Museum.


Day 5 & 6 - Theodore Roosevelt National Park

This morning the road takes you to the town of Medora in North Dakota. Theodore Roosevelt had once been a rancher in this state - had it not been for this experience, he probably would not have brought the National Park Service to life. It is worth visiting the national park named after the President. If you are lucky, you can see bison, wild horses, elks and eagles here. In the evening, it is worth getting interested in an open-air musical and tasting a fondue - this attraction is offered to Theodore Roosevelt National Park, especially in summer, when you can admire the amazing scenery until late at night.

Day 7, 8 & 9 - RV through Montana

This time, we have a longer road ahead of us through the Montana plains (430 miles to travel in two days). Soon you will learn about the history of the Indians. You will start from the place where the Battle of Little Bighorn took place, where the famous General Custer died. Take a break as Wyoming and the city of Cody lie ahead.

Buffalo Bill Center of the West is an affiliate of the Smithsonian Museum in Washington. It's actually five museums in one! Don't forget the Draper Natural History Museum - it's a good introduction before exploring Yellowstone National Park, that's where you're going next.

In Yellowstone, we recommend sleeping at the Fishing Bridge RV Park campground .


Day 10, 11 & 12 - Yellowstone by RV

Reserve at least two days to Yellowstone National Park. Leave Cody and head north towards Red Lodge, and from there continue along the scenic Beartooth Highway - this is an impressive mountain pass that will take you to the park. On site you can admire geysers, hot springs and unusual mud volcanoes. One of the most geothermal zones on the planet. On the way, you can expect some traffic difficulties - animals often graze along the road. Perhaps it will be a herd of buffalo, elk, wapiti, coyote, or even a lonely grizzly bear. It's a good idea to stop discreetly and take a few photos. This opportunity may not repeat itself.

Day 13 and 14 - Rocky Mountains

Another park awaits you near the southern exit of Yellowstone National Park - this time it will be Grand Teton. The peaks of the Teton range, which is part of the famous Rocky Mountains, dominate here. At the edge of the park, you can feel like in a western: walk along the wooden walkways, admire the impressive elk antlers and visit the shops where you can buy both elegant gifts and traditional handicrafts. For today's accommodation, we recommend the Colter Bay Village RV Park camping .

Day 15 - This is the end of your US camper van trip


Costs in a US camper - C25 Cruise America camper

Cruise America camper type C25 is the best type of camper if you want to go on vacation in the USA with children . How much does it cost to rent a 5 seater motorhome at Cruise America today (7/19/2022)? The C25 is a 5-person camper, in fact 4 + 1. You can read more about the types of motorhomes in the tourbook .

  • US motorhome rental in May 2023 in Denver: approx. $ 1250
  • US motorhome rental in July 2023 in Denver: approx. $ 2,900
  • Motorhome rental in the USA in October 2023 in Denver: approx. $ 1,480

(The price is only valid this week and changes every Sunday.)

To rent a motorhome, you need to add:

  • The cost of returning the motorhome elsewhere: 550 $
  • Cost of miles purchased: $ 740
  • Camper deposit: $ 500
  • Costs of stay at campsites. It can be assumed that an overnight stay at the campground will cost between $ 20 and $ 100 per night.
  • Fuel costs. Cruise America camper vans range from 6 miles to 10 miles on 1 gallon of fuel. With the current average fuel price in Colorado at $ 4.76 / gallon, the cost of driving 1,000 miles is approximately $ 476-790.

The following can be added to renting a camper at Cruise America :

  • Additional motorhome insurance: approx $ 230
  • Early Bird Departure: $ 480
  • Personal kit (pillows, sheets, sleeping bag, towels): $ 75 / person
  • Vehicle Provisioning Kit: $ 125

The rates shown include the Early Booking discount from Cruise America, valid for bookings until the end of this year. The price may change. The given prices do not constitute an offer within the meaning of Article 66 paragraph 1 of the Civil Code.

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This article was prepared in cooperation with USA Kamperem
USA Kamperem
USA Kamperem

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