In the bend of the Tiber River


A landmark for any visitor to Rome is the Tiber River that flows through the Italian capital. It divides the Eternal City into two parts. On the west side there is the historic center and seven hills, while the eastern side features monuments such as the Colosseum and the ruins of palaces on the Palatine Hill. Rome is an unusual place, beloved by tourists, vibrant with life, full of gardens and parks.

Rome is a historic city, rich in monuments that can be found there at every turn. At the same time, it is a very romantic place. The atmospheric streets encourage evening walks along the Tiber River. You can also use river transport to cross the capital. The Eternal City is a great place for families with children . Visiting the monuments is an unforgettable history lesson. In addition, there are many attractions especially for kids, such as the ZOO in the Borghese Gardens or interactive shows in the Colosseum. After sightseeing, it is worth finding a comfortable place to rest.

Rest on the Tiber

The famous Tiber Camping Village is located in Rome on the Tiber River. This place is highly appreciated by guests who praise the attractive location, ideal for exploring the Eternal City, and at the same time quiet and peaceful.


Tiber Camping Village is a very clean and spacious resort. There are holiday homes waiting for the guests, in which we can find a kitchenette with a living room and a TV, a bathroom with a shower and a bedroom with one or more beds. In addition, each of the houses has a spacious, covered patio and a barbecue. There are also lots with sanitary and electricity connections on the campsite.


It should be emphasized that Tiber Camping Village is a family-friendly place and adapted to the stay of people with disabilities. It has an outdoor swimming pool surrounded by sun loungers and umbrellas. For children, there is an attractive and modern playground . Buses depart from the campsite every day, taking visitors to the center of Rome. You can also use the local bicycle rental and go on a family sightseeing trip along the surrounding bike trails.

Rome on your plate

Tiber Camping Village is very well stocked. While relaxing there, you can shop every day at the local shop , where in addition to local specialties such as fresh cheese and typical Italian salami, you can also find traditional food and industrial products.


The resort has a bar serving delicious breakfasts with aromatic coffee and a restaurant where you can dine and drink regional wine. What to look for in the menu? Among the popular dishes we can find, among others risotto alla Romana, which is served with liver or kidney, and spaghetti alla carbonara, with Pecorino Romano salty sheep's cheese. Often served are tripe (trippa), cow's tail in tomato sauce (coda alla vaccinara) and beef cutlets (saltimbocca alla Romana). The most famous wines of the region are Frascati DOC (white) and Cesanese del Piglio DOC (dry red wine).

Attractions in the shadow of monuments

Rome is one of the most visited cities in Europe . It owes it to historic architecture, romantic atmosphere and delicious food. While relaxing at Tiber Camping Village, take some time to explore the Eternal City. Most of the mandatory visiting points are the Colosseum, the Roman Forum and the Palatine Hill. However, the capital of Italy also has other attractions to offer. It is worth mentioning the wonderful gardens , nature parks and amusement parks.


When looking for a break from the hustle and bustle of the city, it is worth going to the beautiful rose or orange garden . There are several parks and reserves around Rome. It is an attraction for nature lovers. There you can see many unknown species of plants that only occur in the Mediterranean climate, such as cork trees and Spanish gorse. It is also worth going to the Tiber Island , where we will visit the historic Hospitaller Hospital (Ospedale Fatebenefratelli), two churches and a medieval complex with a tower of the Pope Boniface VIII family.

When we come to Rome with children, it is worth taking them to Cinecitta 'World . This park is dedicated exclusively to movies, referring to the famous Disneyworld and Universal Studios. In the suburbs of the city you will also find the Luneur Amusement Park , with a ferris wheel, Brucomel roller coaster, carousel with horses and cups, as well as a tunnel, labyrinth, huge swing and the farm of the wizard from Oz.

Roma Camping in Town
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Piotr Strugała
Piotr Strugała

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