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The first trip to Provence is always unforgettable. There are few regions of the world that are so recognizable at every latitude and longitude. Even if you show the Argentinean a picture of the picturesque lavender fields and the silhouette of the church in the background, he will answer with a smile, "Provance!". And no wonder - Provence is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful regions in Europe. Its charm lies in the fact that it is a region of small towns that remember the times of Roman legions and popes, and, most importantly, that do their best to make their fleeting charm survive despite the changing times. Although Provence is associated with lavender and castles by everyone, it is worth remembering that almost every town here has a distinct, distinct character and traditions - it is worth visiting them to get to know this unique place on the world map.

From the sea to the Alps

Each trip to Provence is worth planning well - mainly because it is a vast region. In the north it reaches the snow-capped Alps and in the south it slopes gently into the Mediterranean Sea . Visiting should always start from the lively heart of this region - Marseille .


This proud port, being the second largest city in France, evokes the charm of bygone times at almost every step. A short walk through the harbor area - le Vieux Port , full of charming cafes and restaurants, is enough to understand why the French love this city so much. The next point on the route should be Aix-en-Provence , the "city of fountains", of which there are several dozen here. Medieval walls and centuries-old stone houses delight with their colors, and the narrow streets are endlessly wrinkling. Aix is also a good place to get lost in elegant, small boutiques in search of a new handbag or a stylish scarf ... From Aix-en-Provence the road leads to Avignon - one of the greater cities of Provence and France. It was here that the nine Avignon popes who had a hard time with Rome were in office. Their mansion - the enormous Papal Palace is the largest Gothic palace in Europe and a place where you can touch history. It is worth ending your holiday in Provence with a short visit to one of the small, charming towns - such as Arles . The old part of the city has been inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List and is one of the best examples of medieval architecture typical of South France

Campsites in Provence


As the main advantage of the region are small towns, you don't have to worry about finding accommodation in Provence . It is worth taking advantage of the accommodation offer on one of the many well-equipped campsites. Campsites in Provence allow you to get to know the charming provinces more closely and relax close to nature. Of course, for the 21st century. age befits, they also offer a whole lot of amenities that are to ensure that guests will not have to worry about anything. Situated on the rocky, picturesque coast, Camping Pascalounet is just 100 meters from the sandy beach and is a paradise for water sports enthusiasts. You can rent kitesurfing, wakeboarding and even diving equipment here. From here, it is only 30 km to the charming Marseille - so it is an ideal place for people who would like to relax after sightseeing, away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Kids will also not be bored here - the playground is a place where you can go crazy and jump endlessly! You can also get to know the flavors of Provence on site - the restaurant serves delicious local dishes, and the local grocery store is always full of fresh, healthy products!

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