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Chianti is a region that stretches between Siena and Florence and includes towns such as Radda, Castellina, Greve and Gaiole. It has gained a reputation for its unforgettable landscapes and the wonderful atmosphere of medieval towns. However, his greatest fame was not the landscapes, but the wine, including the star Chianti Classico. You will recognize it by the symbol - a black cockerel (gallo nero) is looking daringly from the bottle label.

A souvenir from a trip to Chianti

Chianti will appeal to anyone who wants to remember a holiday in Italy as a time to savor the flavors. The local landscapes are touching the heart, encouraging you to take long trips. The region smells of lavender and herbs, and gravel roads wind lazily over its gentle hills. There is hardly a person whose mood would not be improved by the sight of sunflower fields, which paint the landscape in a joyful yellow color. The color palette is joined by the greenery of vineyards covering hectares of land. Many tourists visit the region just to get to know the taste of local wine - Chianti is the most important wine region of Tuscany . The local products are red wines, mainly of the Sangiovese variety, with a strongly acidic taste and clear tannins. The best are Castello di Alma, Castell'in Villa and Fèlsina.


Visiting Tuscany

During your trip around Tuscany , visit Florence, the city of famous artists. You can see their works in the Uffizi Gallery , one of the oldest museums in Europe. There are paintings in it, among others Botticelli, Giotto, Raphael and Caravaggio. The gallery is located adjacent to Piazza della Signoria , a square surrounded by a series of beautiful palaces. One of them is the Vecchio Palace, in front of which there is a copy of Michelangelo's sculpture - David, as well as the Neptune Fountain with a marble sculpture of the sea god placed on a horse-drawn carriage.


Another city noteworthy is Siena , equal in size to the historic center of Florence. Its most famous attractions include the cathedral and Piazza del Campo , where the Palio horse races are held twice a year. The shape of the square is interesting - it looks like a shell, additionally it slopes from the side of the houses surrounding the square to Palazzo Publico , the palace where the seat of the authorities is located. According to one theory, the structure of Piazza del Campo resembles the mantle of the patron saint of Siena - the Virgin Mary. When wandering through Tuscany, it is worth visiting Arezzo , lying on the hill. In the past, it was famous for its beautiful ceramics, today it delights tourists with its historic old part. His beauty was immortalized in the movie "Life is Beautiful". The finishing touch to the Chianti story may be Greve , considered by many to be the door to the region due to its location between Siena and Florence. Anyone who wants to experience typical Italian - or rather Tuscan - products should come here.

Camping in Chianti

Tourists looking for accommodation surrounded by greenery, and at the same time wanting to relax in luxury, will surely be pleased that the region has a well-equipped Camping Orlando in Chianti . It is a tempting facility with a great location (starting point to Siena, Arezzo or Florence) and numerous amenities. These include a swimming pool with lagoon and water slide, jacuzzi, restaurant, pizzeria, bar and ice cream parlor. The extensive offer of accommodation includes, among others glamping - an offer for people used to comfort.


But Orlando in Chianti is not only an option for luxury-loving tourists with a thick wallet. People looking for comfort, but at a reasonable price, will also find their place here. If someone still associates camping with the risk of "sleeping on cones" or water approaching the tent after rain, it is essential to spend at least one night at this campground. Since 2017, two attractive points have been added to his offer. The first is the Airdreamer, a combination of relaxation in a tent and a cottage. It sounds interesting? The best was taken from each option to ensure guests a comfortable stay and the joy of camping at the same time. The second novelty is Airstay, an economic proposition for one person or a pair of travelers who want to relax at the campground, but do not have their own tent.

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