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One of the three famous ski resorts located at the foot of three mountain ranges. Its name consists of three parts: Kleine Scheidegg-Männlichen. That means fun times three!

German is not an easy language, but it is definitely worth learning. If only to be able to pronounce the name of one of the three famous ski resorts located at the foot of the so-called "Alpine Three", that is the Jungfrau, Eiger and Mönch mountain ranges. What is the name and what center? Kleine Scheidegg-Männlichen, located in the heart of the Bernese Oberland. Together with Mürren-Schilthorn and Grindelwald-First, it forms one of the most popular Swiss ski resorts - Interlaken & Jungfrau .

All three resorts are easily accessible by train from Interlaken. And it must be emphasized that Swiss cable cars are well-deservedly famous for fast, reliable and beautiful transport, not to mention the views that can be admired through the windows while driving. The railway, which goes to Kleine Scheidegg, provides tourists with an unforgettable experience. The participants of the ride may get the impression that they are not riding, but that they are sailing along the tracks. This impression is additionally intensified by the fact that the passing landscapes touch the heart. You can dream. The rack railway from Kleine Scheidegg to Jungfraujoch (the highest railway station in Europe) is now a legend.

Kleine Scheidegg-Männlichen

The entire resort offers visitors countless different types of entertainment. Apart from, of course, hundreds of routes for skiers and snowboarders, there will also be attractions for lovers of a really strong injection of adrenaline. Number one is zorbing , i.e. rolling down the slope in a large transparent ball. The town of Wilderswil, not far from Interlaken, offers tourists a snow roll all year round. Skydiving is also popular in the region, where we will see that time is actually a relative concept - it will be the longest 40 seconds of freefall in your life. And lovers of heights will be delighted to admire the amazing views of lakes and peaks during paragliding.

Speaking of Kleine Scheidegg, one cannot but mention the mountain pass at the foot of the Eiger's North Face, which is a challenge for the most experienced mountaineers. It was acquired only in the 1930s, before it managed to take the lives of many daredevils who dared to face it. After all, it is the highest rock and ice wall in the Alps (1,800 meters high), for years referred to as Mordwand, i.e. the Wall of Death . While in Kleine Scheidegg, you can observe climbers climbing it through a telescope.

The Kleine Scheidegg-Männlichen itself is the central ski area of the Jungfrau Top Ski Region . It can be reached not only by train (from Grindelwald and Wengen), but also by cable cars. When we add 5 ski lifts and 9 chairlifts, we get an attractive offer attracting masses of skiers from different countries. The total length of the routes is 110 km, and they are divided into 9 blue, 9 red and 5 black. Among the latter, the famous Lauberhorn Weltcup Abfahrt stands out, intended for people who feel really confident while skiing.

Snow lovers can take advantage not only of skiing on one or two boards, but also sledging down the slopes. Tobogganing is extremely popular in this region, and the area offers 4 long and beautiful routes.

Ski pass prices in the season 2013/2014

Lovers of skiing will feel like in paradise here. They have kilometers of ski runs connected by lifts by cobwebs, regularly running ski buses and the possibility of buying one pass for the slopes of several resorts. Those who decide to ride the trails of the Jungfrau Ski Region - Kleine Scheidegg - Männlichen - Wengen will not be bored even for a moment.

In high season, the prices of the passes are as follows: a 1-day ticket for an adult costs CHF 63, for a child - CHF 32, and for seniors CHF 57. An adult skier will pay CHF 291 for 6 days of skiing. A child ticket costs CHF 146, while seniors will pay CHF 262 for it.

SnowpenAir concerts (on Kleine Scheidegg) are organized at the end of the ski season and are an additional attraction of the region, tempting lovers of good fun in the snow. In addition, visitors to the resort can take part in a ski safari, crazy sleigh rides, ice climbing, and can also spend the night in an igloo village.

Pension, hotel or campsite?

The resort boasts not only modern ski resorts, but also a well-organized tourist infrastructure. No wonder, after all, thousands of people come to such a popular place every year to spend their holidays in the beautiful surroundings of mountain peaks looking at the lakes. Hotels and guesthouses are located here in large numbers, there are also smaller and larger campsites. Motorhome owners can take advantage of the Camping Lazy Rancho Interlaken offer. Adults will pay CHF 8 per night, and children - CHF 4.8. The price per seat for the vehicle is between CHF 14 and CHF 34. Those staying at the campsite have free access to showers and Wi-Fi, the advantage of the place is also the swimming pool, shop and restaurant serving delicious regional dishes. We can come here with a pet - we will pay CHF 3 per day for his stay in the high season.

Interlaken is just one of the many localities worth spending some time in. It is one of the first cities that became famous for its ski offer and magnificent lake landscapes. It is surrounded by the waters of Brienz and Thun, and today it is teeming with life not only in high season. In the local hotels you will find massage salons and spas, fitness centers, swimming pools, and in the streets a whole lot of restaurants and boutiques. Bollywood filmmakers eagerly visit the city. Who knows, maybe we will come across a colorful and dancing movie set during the holiday?

You can also stop in the village of Wengen , but bear in mind that the village is car-free. We can get there by a roller coaster from Lauterbrunnen after leaving the vehicle there. It's the perfect place for winter sunbathing - the village is situated above the Lauterbrunnen valley, on a wind-free terrace at the foot of the Jungfrau. The architecture of the village consists of beautiful wooden houses and belle époque hotels. From Wengen we can easily get to Kleine Scheidegg-Männlichen, so it is worth considering accommodation in this place.

One resort, so many possibilities. We must organize this holiday really well.

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