The new Chausson COMBO X550 - a perfect fusion?

The new Chausson COMBO X550 - a perfect fusion? – main image

The Chausson X550 , unveiled at a press conference last week, is following a completely new path. It also becomes a symbol of a newly emerging segment. The combination of half-integrated and tinplate is to provide the greatest possible comfort and space characteristic for traditional motorhomes with the agility and mobility of small delivery vehicles . From the outside, the vehicle is 599 cm long, 275 cm high and only 210 cm wide. In terms of the sense of space in the interior, it is not inferior to traditional motorhomes - but more on that in a moment.

Chausson X550 - the technology of the future

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The exterior design is modern and attractive - lines run aggressively, the rear with raised lights gives the impression of being muscular despite its compact dimensions. Interestingly - the cabin / roof of the cab is made of an innovative PDCD polymer . This material, known from the engineering industry, is used in trucks and agricultural machinery . It is supposed to provide excellent parameters in terms of stiffness and strength of the structure. Moreover, in combination with the laminate from which the rest of the "shell" is made, it visually helps to eliminate the joints between the bodywork and the bodywork. Modern colors and muscular wheel arches certainly add a thoroughbred, truly "off-road" edge, despite the fact that the base here was a kind and well-known veteran Fiat Ducato .

Chausson X550 - feel at home




The segment of tinsmiths and compact semi- integrated motorhomes has got us used to certain standard solutions in terms of interior layout . Especially the placement of the beds in most models is typical - transversely or longitudinally on the very back of the vehicle. As a rule, there is a luggage space under the "sleep". Chausson placed a full size bathroom with shower in the back instead. On the wall behind the shower you will find lockers for toiletries. We gain access to the toilet itself after folding the washbasin. There is a large wardrobe next to the bathroom. Opposite it, right next to the kitchen, you will find a luggage space accessible from the inside and through the service hatch from the outside of the vehicle. It is the perfect storage space for camping equipment . The kitchen has several spacious drawers (including a special, deep drawer for pots) and a working space with the possibility of extending the worktop with a shelf. The icing on the cake is a large, 134-liter refrigerator with an automatic control system for the AES power source.

Sleeping and riding for 4 people



The layout of the living room is extremely interesting, in which we can find comfortable sofas placed opposite each other for up to 6 people and a folding and lowered table with dimensions of 110x66 cm. The side sofas hide 2 additional rotating seats. Of course, we adapt the entire group of seats and the table at night to a 140 x 190 cm bed. Above you will find a fold-down bed equipped with a premium mattress , an aluminum frame and a mechanism based on steel cables (also 140 x 190 cm). The use of such a solution helped to obtain an exceptionally high ground clearance - even taller people can comfortably move inside the vehicle.

Chausson - rich equipment and "safe" DMC


The GVM of the basic configuration of the vehicle at 3.5 tons and the curb weight of just over 2,700 kg make the loading reserves quite decent. Therefore, you can easily equip the vehicle with useful accessories. The clean and gray water tanks are 100 liters each. The car has space for a built-in battery, but its selection and installation are the responsibility of the customer and the seller, respectively. Heating based on diesel fuel (electronically controlled, operating while driving) and a gas boiler with a 10-liter buffer are solutions proven in many Chausson models. The basic power unit of the X550 is a 140 HP engine mated with a manual gearbox. The AUTOMATIC package, which includes the more powerful 160 HP variant and an excellent automatic gearbox and start-stop system, will require an extra charge and will add 39 kg to the vehicle's weight. The premiere series of vehicles in this series will bear the Exclusive Line badge . We can find here everything from traction and cruise control systems, through a panoramic sunroof , mosquito net and window blinds throughout the motorhome , to a TV mount. In addition, the cars will have the Connect package as standard (navigation, multifunction steering wheel and rear view camera).

A successful and promising motorhome concept


The Chausson X550 is a compact, agile and fully functional camper that many enthusiasts of the mobile lifestyle will love at first sight. It will be an ideal solution for traveling couples and families with children of all ages. According to the manufacturer's declaration, the first copies are to be delivered to customers at the end of this year. At the time of the press presentation, only the price for Western European markets was known. Taking into account the level of technological advancement and the extensive standard equipment of the motorhome , the offer seems tempting at first glance. The official dealer of the Chausson brand in Poland is the TRANSA-M company from Pszczyna, and more information about the model and probably also prices can be found at

Note from the editor

Several brands have already tried to implement the segment which is to be a successful combination of tinplate and semi- integrated motorhomes - including KNAUS, which a few years ago launched vehicles with a door opening at the rear of the vehicle. The ideas of producers trying to take over this market, however, have always been different - it was more about creating cars for everyday driving, in which the cargo space could be used as effectively as possible. These cars were supposed to be motorhomes "by the way". The Trigano concern, presenting the Chausson X550 and its twin version under the Challenger banner, focused on 100% camper functionality in a compact package. It is not meant to be a car for everyday driving, but an ultra-mobile partner for active travelers. We keep our fingers crossed for the development of this segment and we are already looking forward to testing this interesting car.

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