Languedoc-Rousillon - from the Rhone Valley to the Pyrenees

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When you dream of a quiet rest, your children take turns on holidays in the mountains and at the seaside, and your wife or husband is tempted by cities full of monuments - go to Languedoc-Roussillon by motorhome. In the region stretching from the Rhone Valley to the Pyrenees, you will find everything you need - lazy villages, summer resorts, historic towns, hills and gorges. As the area did not become part of France until the 17th century, you will certainly notice Spanish architectural influences and hear the Catalan language. We invite you to read a guide to this diverse region!

Cities of the region

The most famous city in the region is Montpellier. The modern and elegant capital city is full of historical touches, with the well-kept old town, called Place de la Comédie, at the forefront. In its center there is an impressive fountain of the Three Graces, which has become a symbol of the city. While walking, it is worth stopping by the Cathedral of St. Peter, the Arc de Triomphe and the medieval city tower. The popular holiday resorts of Carnon-Plage and Palavasl-les-Flots are not far from Montpellier. During your , you can admire the beautiful canyons embedded in the limestone cliffs around La Rozier. Noteworthy is the narrowest canyon in the world, located in the Tech Valley, accessible for hiking. River lovers can take advantage of organized boat trips to the Canal du Midi, the canal that connects the Mediterranean Sea with the Atlantic Ocean. There are also places in the area that will interest history enthusiasts. The most important are the Romanesque abbeys headed by monasteries - St.-Michel-de-Cux, founded by the Benedictines, St.-Martin-du-Canigou, erected on the slope of Mont Conigou, with a beautiful panorama, and St.-Guilhem- le-Desert from the 9th century, lying in the Herault gorge. In the south of France, there are also typical resorts and holiday villages. One of them is Sete, a city that, due to its buildings overflowing with bridges and canals, resembles the Italian Venice.

Camping in Languedoc-Rousillon

Motorhome enthusiasts can take advantage of the many comfortable and fully equipped campsites in France . During your family holiday in Languedoc-Rousillon , stay at Camping Le Rotja located west of Perpignan in Fuilla. A small and intimate campsite run by a very nice Polish woman , located in the heart of the Western Pyrenees, it offers 75 parking spaces for motorhomes and cars with trailers. Although it can be crowded in high season and early booking will be necessary, you will certainly relax there in a pleasant atmosphere. The more that the microclimate that prevails there means that after a warm day, pleasantly cool evenings await you, so desirable in hot summer. The campsite is also full of amenities, from a swimming pool with a paddling pool, a playground for children, table tennis tables and even a library. In the cozy restaurant, tasty meals, wines and ice creams are served. There is also a grocery store and a cafe. There is a bicycle rental service on site and those interested in canoeing can take advantage of rafting on the La Rotja River. Avid anglers, cavers and fans of extreme harbors such as rafting will also have a great time there.

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Ania Halagarda
Ania Halagarda

I like closer and longer journeys - with an analog camera and a great appetite, because I always like to get to know the local cuisine during the trip. My favorite region in Europe is the Balkans, especially Montenegro, Albania and Bosnia with Herzegovina, which I have visited several times. I dream of returning to beautiful and unpredictable Iceland. I am currently in Southeast Asia.

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