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Vacation on a deckchair, blanket or umbrella? A blissful rest on the sand, with the breeze bringing a salty aftertaste from the water? If someone dreams of such a vacation, he will find a place where he can recharge his batteries so that he will have enough energy until next year.

The Greek island of Lefkada enjoys a well-deserved reputation as the one with exceptionally many beautiful beaches. The sand belts hidden among the rocks are located in so many places that, despite the relatively small size of the island, it is difficult to explore them all.

The pearl of Lefkada - Porto Katsiki

Porto Katsiki shows most of the photos of Lefkada. It cannot be denied that with the whiteness of the rocks, the bay and the frighteningly blue water, it is extremely photogenic. On the left side of the beach, sometimes quite strong waves form, while on the right side it is calm, but be careful not to spread too close to the rocks. A special line (rope) separates the safe strip of the beach from the area where stones can fall from above.

In case of hunger, you do not have to leave the beach and climb up to one of the several restaurants - food can be ordered with delivery straight to the blanket.

Egremni - gold for the persistent

Another beach is Egremni , considered by many to be the queen of Lefkada. It is long, wide and presents the azure blue of the water beautifully (perhaps the most beautiful on this side of the island). It is quite shallow by the shore, so children can swim here, but in some places waves can ripple off the bodies of swimsuits. Although naked breasts shine here and there on the sand - part of the beach is intended for naturists, but you can meet topless tanning enthusiasts everywhere, not only there.

Egremni is sandy and pebble at the same time, so it is worth getting the right shoes before visiting it. And a bit of fitness - the beach is beautiful, but to get to it you have to climb over 300 steps. A walk downhill may not be difficult, but after a whole day of staying by the water, climbing steep wooden steps and then equally steep stone slabs is definitely not what teddy bears like the most. At the top there is a restaurant where you can watch over a Greek salad, pita bread or refreshing Greek yoghurt with honey, as holidaymakers return from the beach laboriously crawl, shuffling foot by foot.

Hidden among the rocks of Pefkoulia

In the northwest of the island is Pefkoulia , a wonderfully sunny beach. She is smaller than her friends, although she is not inferior to her beauty. If someone intends to sunbathe on it all day, he should think about the issue of preparing a decent pole, otherwise he will have to visit the only restaurant in the area. Not a very cheap restaurant, let's add.

The advantage of Pefkoulia is its location. It is easy to reach by car, there is also a bus stop nearby. You can park your motorhome right next to the beach and walk onto the sand with a towel right after you leave the vehicle. It is a very nice beach, friendly to everyone, unlike the hard-to-reach beauties of Egremni, which have to be climbed like mountain peaks.

Shy Agiofila

The coast of Lefkada has many wonderful spots. There are several beaches with coves, and each of them has its own charm. One of them is a small Agiofili , located in the southern part, near the Vasiliki resort. You can get from there by boat to the neighboring islands, or you can spend a romantic evening for two.

It is impossible not to mention a word about the beach by the charming town of Agios Nikitas . It is enough to slow down a bit while walking along the main promenade to be accosted by the staff of one of the many taverns and cafes. As a result, not knowing when, we will sit at the table with the menu card in hand. Such solicitation does not bother you, because the owners are kind, but not obtrusive. We will meet with similar sympathy all over the island.

Lefkada offers many beaches - beautiful, sandy, pebble, widely accessible and those that require effort to reach. There are beaches that are crowded, and there are also almost deserted ones. Everyone will find their place here and will regret having to leave.

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