Małe is beautiful, i.e. a trip to the Little Beskids

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"... is a beautiful, kind, charming and entertaining child, endowed with natural goods, attention, knowledge and love worthy of which the only defect that draws him unfair dislike is that he is lower in height than other Beskidy brothers," he wrote about the Little Beskids Kazimierz Ignacy Sosnowski. He noticed the beauty of the mountain range lying in the Vistula basin, surrounded by its three tributaries (the Biała, Soła and Skawa rivers). This range is 35 km long, 10-15 km wide, and the average height of its hills is only 513 m above sea level. Compared to the Tatra Mountains, the Beskid Mały may be of a meager stature, but it does not prevent it from enchanting more tourists. Every year, it attracts thousands of lovers of mountain nature with the beauty of its landscapes and easy routes. They come from all over the country (and not only) to get to know the beauty of the Beskid Mały Landscape Park, Natura 2000 area - an area where you can see a wolf, lynx, and even a brown bear.


Visiting the south of Poland

When planning a vacation in Poland in terms of mountain tourism, it is worth considering a visit to the Little Beskids. Mountain hiking and biking tours, learning to ski in intimate conditions, an extensive network of hotels and tourist hostels, and the availability of good access roads - just a few of the advantages of the region. Let us add to this a large number of tourist routes, varied in terms of difficulty and length, originating in larger cities of the region (Bielsko Biała, Wadowice or Żywiec). The most interesting places in the park are peaks, caves and monuments of art and architecture. The highest points in the area are: Czupel (930m), Magurka Wilkowicka (909m) and Łamana Skała (929m). Those who prefer sightseeing in the lower parts (even underground) will be delighted. The Beskid area abounds in caves. We can find a whole group of them in, for example, the Black Departments. Going into their caverns alone is risky - they are unstable and may slide stones. Daredevils can use the help of experienced speleologists from the Speleologists Club in Bielsko Biała. The largest caves in this area include the Dziurawa Cave, the Cave in Straconka and the Black Divisions III Cave.


Tourist attractions of the region

Numerous hiking trails, running among the wild nature, allow tourists to commune with the nature of the region. But not only. Visiting the Little Beskids is a great chance to get to know a number of places found only here. During the trip, we can see the Loreto bell towers, old cottages, historic figurines, chapels, crosses and unparalleled anywhere stone shelters. Most of the monuments are located in the valleys, including old wooden churches (including in Łodygowice) and castles (the Komorowski Castle in Sucha Beskidzka). However, what distinguishes these areas are mountain shelters - it is enough to mention, for example, the PTTK shelter on Magurka Wilkowicka, from the beginning of the 20th century. The word should also be given to the rich infrastructure and a large number of ski runs. There is a reason why the nice, inconspicuous hills are visited by families with children each year. The surrounding slopes are perfect for taking your first steps on skis.


Camping in the village of Osiek

For all lovers of mountain trips who are also looking for accommodation by the water, we recommend the camping located about 15 km from Oświęcim, in the village of Osiek Camping MOLO . Gated, guarded 24/7, with 60 modern plots, the center is an excellent starting point for everyone who wants to visit the Little Beskids and be close to, for example, Krakow. Most pitches on the campsite have electricity, water and sewage connections. The campsite has kitchens (with refrigerators), laundries, ironing rooms and toilets. Tourists who want to actively rest can rent a bike, play tennis or volleyball. The availability of a guarded bathing beach, the possibility of renting rowing boats and pedal boats will surely please every enthusiast of water entertainment. There is also something for gourmets of good cuisine - the MOLO restaurant is waiting for guests.

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