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Choose the largest and most crowded ski resort or take advantage of the offer of his smaller friend? In the case of the Italian resort of Marilleva, the decision is easy - it is a guarantee of a dream vacation.

The largest ski resorts attract with a diverse offer. Like modern housing estates, they provide visitors with everything they need. The interest in the most famous resorts is so great that in the high season they are mercilessly crowded. To be able to count on a place in the hotel, reservations must be made several weeks in advance. However, you can do it differently - focus your attention on a smaller center, hugging the giant. Staying in it will guarantee us easy access to the main attractions of the region, and at the same time will allow you to avoid the crowds.

In Italy, such a giant is Madonna di Campiglio, and his smaller friend - the town of Marilleva . Through Monte Vigo it connects with Madonna and the second resort called Folgarida. Despite the fact that it is small, it enjoys considerable popularity and it does not only owe it to the proximity of the famous ministry. Together with other resorts, it forms one of the largest systems of ski runs in the world - Skirama, with approx. 380 km of slopes.

Marilleva - at the foot of the giant

The resort is situated in the Val Meledrio valley, on a slope. Its lower part is located at an altitude of 900 m above sea level, and the upper part - at an altitude of approx. 1400 m above sea level. They are connected by an asphalt road, part of the ski run and a gondola lift. From the top station, you can easily get to Folgarida and Madonna by fast lifts. Together, all three centers form Val di Sole , or the Valley of the Sun. Skiers have over 120 km of ski slopes at their disposal, serviced by 44 ski lifts.

The slopes of the region are loved by families with children , who constitute the largest percentage of tourists. There are ideal conditions for them - half of the routes are stretched on gentle slopes, just in time to learn how to ski. 36% of the downhill runs are for intermediate skiers and 14% are difficult black runs waiting for adrenaline hunters.

Ticket prices in Marilleva in the season 2013/2014

As you can see, the choice of routes is huge. Skiers wishing to try the descents in Marilleva-Folgarida will pay between 33 and 40 euros per day of skiing. The 7-day pass costs from 169 to 210 euros. For a 1-day ski pass for a child we will pay from 16 to 20 euros, and for young people - from 23 to 28 euros.

We can also purchase the Superskirama Dolomiti ski pass. Thanks to it, we will be able to use 140 cableways and lifts as well as routes of all levels of difficulty. For comparison, a 1-day Superskirama Dolomiti pass costs 47 euros in high season (for adults). So if you love skiing, you should consider buying this ski pass.

Two sisters

Marilleva 1400 , the top station of the village, is chosen by tourists who want to spend as much time as possible on the slopes. Most routes can be reached in less than a minute - they start right next to the hotels. The conditions for skiing are excellent, and the snow cover is here for a very long time (especially on the northern slopes). This means that we can count on excellent snow practically throughout the season.

In turn, guests of Marilleva 900 have to use the ski buses or take a gondola to get to the slopes. This minimal inconvenience is fully rewarded by the beauty of the resort. Compared to the rather unremarkable, gray-concrete-angular buildings of the upper station, the lower station delights for miles with the architecture of the residence and its location by the river.

Regardless of which station we choose, stopping in Marilleva is a great decision - if only because we will pay much less for the night than in Madonna di Campiglio. Lovers of skiing can use the routes of the Valley of the Sun, and in case of insufficiency, they can easily get to the Skirama routes. And in this way, staying in a small town will provide them with a lot of impressions that they will never forget.

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