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If you want to know a place where Salzburg people like to rest, you should go on a trip to Lake Mondsee. It is situated in the immediate vicinity of Attersee, approx. 30 km north-east of Salzburg. Residents come here on weekends to recharge their batteries. There is a town on the lake with the same name as it. Its biggest attraction is the Stift Mondsee built in the 8th century AD - one of the oldest monasteries in Austria. In addition to sightseeing, Mondsee invites you to relax on the beaches, stroll through winding streets, and enjoy delicious coffee or tea in cozy cafes.

The salty gold of Austria

Mondsee is one of the lakes of the Salzkammergut , an area on the border of three Austrian states: Styria, Salzburg and Upper Austria. In the past, salt was mined here. The inhabitants quickly got rich there, the salty gold significantly contributed to the intensive development of the region and investment in art and architecture. Thanks to this, today we can admire numerous monuments of the area. They, as well as the beauty of the landscapes (the Salzkammergut areas are mostly mountains and lakes), delight tourists spending their holidays in Austria . The biggest tourist pearl of the region is Hallstatt , a town considered by many to be the most beautiful in the country. Undoubtedly, it is extremely photogenic, it even forces you to reach for the camera. Its charm lies in the narrow paths that run up the slope between the houses and then up. The higher we climb, the more beautiful the views unfold before our eyes. Hallstatt seen from above, from above the roofs, with a background in the form of a lake, can capture the heart and charm with its beauty. It is approx. 68.8 km from Mondsee. Not much, and it is really worth getting to know them and see why tourists come to it from all over the world, including China. Interestingly, a faithful copy of the Austrian pearl was built in the Middle Kingdom. No wonder, such beauty is worth replicating.

Active holiday in the Salzkammergut

In summer, thousands of people choose to spend their holidays at Mondsee . The lake is crowded with sunbathers and amateurs of all kinds of water sports. They come in large numbers to swim, sail and surf. Diving enthusiasts prefer fall and spring, when it is calmer. The reservoir is 7 km long and 2.7 km wide, its waters are less transparent than the other lakes of the Salzkammergut, which makes it not as popular as they are. However, it is worth giving it a chance, especially during night diving - then you can see how many eels swim in it. The species found in Mondsee also include pike, trout and burbot. Please note that diving in the lakes of the Salzkammergut region requires the prior purchase of an ARGE pass. And what attractions are still waiting on land? Close to the shore of the Mondsee, there is a climbing rock where adventurers will climb with ice axes, ropes and helmets to get some hard Drachenwand playing. For those who prefer to get to know something new on two wheels, take the R2 - Salzkammergut Radweg cycle route ahead. After a few kilometers it splits left towards Lake Attersee and right towards the Wolfgangsee lakes and then on to Hallstätter See.

Camping in Mondsee

People interested in finding accommodation relatively close to the lake can consider the Camp MondSeeLand offer. It is located approx. 4.5 km from the center of Mondsee and is surrounded by greenery. It invites guests to relax in a peaceful and quiet place - it advertises itself as a facility where "you can hear how the grass grows". On its premises there are, among others a heated swimming pool and a terrace where we can catch a beautiful tan. There is also a barbecue area where you can prepare your own fish caught in a nearby pond. It is a camping site with a great offer for families with children - the little ones will not be bored here even for a moment. Besides, not only them, because it is the perfect place for everyone who loves nature and wants to spend time actively.

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