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Autumn is a great time of the year for bicycle trips. Lots of colors, rugs made of leaves. Something beautiful. It is already a bit cooler, so you can easily take longer distances, catching the last warm rays of the sun. However, it should be remembered that autumn is a perverse season of the year and you need to be prepared for what may happen to you on the road.

A good dress is essential

The temperatures are getting lower and in the morning we can even come across local frosts. So it is necessary to take care of your health and put on appropriate clothes. In bicycle stores you will find thousands of different types of jackets, pants, sleeves and legs that will help us properly insulate the body against the effects of autumn wind and rain. If we want to cover long distances, a specialized outfit will be very useful, but nothing prevents you from using warm elements of everyday winter clothing.


When it comes to clothing, you must also not forget about visibility. The days are getting shorter, so we often have to drive at dusk. It's a good mistake to invest in a reflective vest. If you do not want to wear such an outfit, it is obligatory to have reflective bands. It is no shame, the better you can see us in the rain and autumn fog, the safer we will be.

Enlighten yourself!

We remain on the topic of visibility, in autumn you should pay special attention to good bicycle lighting . In Poland, according to the regulations, every cyclist riding after dark must be equipped with a white or yellow front light, shining continuously or flashing, a red rear light that shines continuously or flashing, and a rear, red reflector. However, no matter where you travel, in the fall it is a good idea to have the rear light on all the time, especially in rainy, foggy weather.

The rain attacks

Rain, frost and frost are inseparable companions of the coming autumn. At the same time, it is also the bane of cyclists. In such weather conditions it is very easy to get involved in an accident. Even a well-grippy surface quickly turns into a slide. Particular attention should be paid to signs painted on the road (including pedestrian crossings) and leaves. They become extremely slippery when wet and can hide holes and puddles underneath them. In cities, you also have to watch out for tram rails, as well as curbs and gutters, which can become a huge danger when wet.


We are not alone on the road. Going on a trip, we will meet hundreds, if not thousands of cars on our way. We have no influence on how they move in relation to us, but we must remember that on wet surfaces the braking distance increases drastically. So let's stick to the edge of the road and be prepared for anything.

Prepare your companion for winter

I am talking about the bicycle, of course. It is he who gets into the bone during such trips. It is exposed to harmful weather conditions, salt, which may already be sprinkled on some roads, sand and much more.

When preparing the bike for autumn trips, you need to thoroughly clean it of summer lubricants, check the frame and all parts for cracks and rust, and inspect the condition of the brake pads. If there is a red coating on some of the parts, it is a good idea to get rid of it. After thorough cleaning of the bike, it is necessary to apply new autumn-winter lubricants, secure the shock absorbers and adjust the brakes. It's also worth checking the tires. If they are already badly worn or cracked, they must be replaced. Driving on old tires means not only increased braking distance, but also a greater risk of damage to them while driving. After that, the bike is ready to go.


Of course, it will also be a good idea to install fenders to avoid the consequences of accidentally driving into a puddle. Nobody likes an extra mud shower.

Traveling in autumn by bike can be a pleasure not only for the toughest guys. Anyone can derive satisfaction from such a journey. All you need to do is get ready and go on tour. Moving is healthy!

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