Picnic with Pippi Langstrumpf

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Where does Pippi Longstocking, the strongest girl in the world, live? Where is the chair a few meters high? Where do the Bullerby kids play? All the answers can be found in Astrid Lindgren's World, in Vimmerby.

Not only the generation of 30 and more can say that they grew up on the novels of Astrid Lindgren. Many people remember from childhood the fiery red Pippi Langstrumpf with a mass of freckles on his upturned nose and other heroes invented by the Swedish writer. Next generations will meet their adventures, often reading the same books as their parents. Who knows, maybe in the future they will hand over damaged copies with yellowed pages to their children? Or maybe the whole family will visit Vimmerby, which has a large theme park dedicated to the writer's legacy.

Vimmerby is a small town where the Swedish author of books for children spent her childhood. It is located 300 km south of Stockholm and approx. 220 km north of Karlskrona, which tourists from Poland can easily reach by ferry from Gdynia .

The world of Astrid Lindgren

Today, Astrid Lindgren's World covers an area of 10 hectares, and when the concept of building a site dedicated to Astrid Lindgren was born, there were only a few buildings on the site. Whose idea was it? In 1981, three residents decided to make their children happy and built a few houses from the author's novel with their own hands. After less than a decade, the project has grown so much that the commune took it over. Ultimately, about $ 7 million was invested in it.

Currently, the park is a source of enormous income for the commune. In the summer, it provides work to nearly 350 people, including less than 100 young actors who play the roles of heroes from books. For 12 hours a day, there are performances on 6 stages , and during breaks - games and games with the youngest guests.

Astrid Lindgren's world is open from May to August from 10.00 a.m. to 6.00 p.m. all days of the week. Children up to 3 years of age can visit it for free, while adults have to pay an admission fee of CZK 180. Young people up to 15 years of age pay 105 CZK for the ticket.

Who will we meet in Vimmerby?

Astrid Lindgren looked after the park all the time. She visited him many times to approve new projects, so you can be sure that we will find here a faithful representation of the world we know from the writer's books. There is the house of Pippi Langstrumpf, that is the Villa Świetnotka , and the two-masted ship Podfruwajka next to it. Visitors will also see Emil's woodshed, Mateusz's farm and a copper inn. Also waiting to be explored are Mattis and Ronja Castle, Wild Rose Valley, June Hill and the legendary Bullerbyn .

A must visit in the park is a visit to Awanturników Street - one of the greatest local attractions. It is also impossible to miss a miniature copy of the Vimmerby center from the childhood of Astrid Lindgren. Those who like challenges can prove themselves on the “Don't touch the ground” obstacle course, and the daredevils will surely try to climb onto the high chair from the world of Nils Paluszek.

A dream in a miniature world

The world of Astrid Lindgren can be visited in one day, but it is worth staying here longer. Many tourists decide to spend a few days there, arranging an overnight stay in a camping town in advance. The interest in places straight from the writer's novel is so great that without a reservation, there is no great chance of finding a free room or plot. For a place for a motorhome, depending on the season, we will pay from 225 to 400 SEK, and for a tent - from 180 to 325 SEK.

In a world built by the words of Astrid Lindgren, you can lose track of time. It is nice, cheerful and magical here - so it is not surprising that a large part of tourists (not only children) want to return to the park again. And another one. And another one. "Without leaving this place, it will be rather difficult for you to come here again," as Pippi, a freckled ginger in way too big shoes, would say.

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