Picturesque towns of the Zadar Riviera

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In the northern part of Dalmatia, on the picturesque coast of the Adriatic Sea, you will find charming holiday towns that are part of the Zadar Riviera. The central city of this area - Zadar - is surrounded by five national parks and two nature parks. It is the perfect place for nature lovers. When looking for sights, it is worth seeing the town of Nin located on the island, as well as the fishing village of Privlaka.

The Zadar Riviera covers the most diverse part of the Adriatic coast . The region abounds in small bays and islets. There you will find the Kornati archipelago and the protected natural areas of Velebit and Telašćica . There are many historic towns in this area. They are also worth seeing from the deck of a motorboat or yacht, which can be easily booked through Click & Boat .

Nin - relaxation with history in the background

Nin is a small, quiet town, but it attracts with a rich history, great monuments and beautiful beaches . Its origins date back to the 9th century BC, when it was a settlement of the Liburnian tribe .

Nin is also the first Croatian royal city . Its development peaked between the 7th and 13th centuries. In the years 1571-1646 the city was destroyed. At present, Nin is constantly developing, and archaeological works are also carried out there.

The old town of Nin is situated on an island, and many houses are located on the shore around the bay. The most valuable monument is the Church of St. Cross from the 9th century , it is also worth seeing the nearby tiny church of St. Nicholas from the 12th century.


The town of Nin boasts sandy beaches with gentle descents. The area is also famous for its peloid mud , which has a healing effect in diseases of the motor and nervous system, and also has an anti-stress and relaxing effect.

Comfortable accommodation can be found in Nin. This is where the most awarded Croatian holiday resort operates - Zaton Holiday Resort . It is a comfortable and very well-equipped place. Tourists are most often impressed by the two beaches there, due to their picturesque location and perfect cleanliness and fine sand. Swimming enthusiasts will also find swimming pools , a jacuzzi and a paddling pool for children.


In Zaton Holiday Resort you can rent an exclusive holiday home with a kitchenette, bathroom and air conditioning. There are also plots with sanitary and electricity connections.

Zaton Holiday Resort is highly appreciated by tourists, above all for its high standards of cleanliness and a child-friendly environment. Especially for children, animators prepare many sports activities and games, there is also a playground, trampoline and water attractions. On the campsite you can try local dishes at a local restaurant . There you will find a pizzeria , a bar and a grocery store.

Privlaka - an oasis of silence

When embarking on a further journey in the footsteps of the picturesque towns of the Zadar Riviera, it is worth visiting Privlaka , which lies on a peninsula near Nin. The coastline is formed by sandy beaches , some of them partially forested . You can leave your car almost at the seaside.

Privlaka is a typical fishing town, but a popular destination for its geothermal mud with healing properties. People looking for peace and quiet will feel there perfectly.

Zadar - little Croatian Rome

Zadar is a must see when visiting the Riviera. The city was built according to Roman urban principles, which is why it is often called Croatian Rome . We find there many ancient and later monuments , especially from the Middle Ages and the Renaissance . The beautiful old town, surrounded by walls and towers, is situated on a peninsula, while the new part of the city is on land.


The most valuable architectural monument in Zadar is the Church of Sveti Donat , which was built on the foundations of the Roman forum. Additionally, it is worth seeing two great examples of Romanesque architecture - the Cathedral of St. Anastazja (Sv. Stošije) and the church of St. Krševana . The main street of Zadar is Calle Larga , known as the "wide street". This is where the social life of the city takes place.

The Zadar riviera can quickly charm you, and the beauty of the landscapes and amazing nature effectively encourage people to return to that region. The towns described above are just a small introduction to exploring the Zadar Riviera.

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