Project # PajeroCamper4x3 - travel reports

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For the next few months, we will be reporting on an extraordinary off-road expedition consisting of:

Joasia, Zośka 6 years old and Dad - Darek. From now on, he will be reporting on the journey:

The # PajeroCamper4x3 project is an idea for a several-month journey of our family of three, with a pre-chosen direction and without great expectations. Of course with a plan, but no "hard route".

Preparations for the trip as seen by Darek


We are lucky that a few years ago we acquired the Pajero 4. At the same time, there was an idea that the car, apart from its corporate use, would be altered, modified and personalized by us for off-road tourism. So it happened ..

It is true that the current project is not our first trip with the "Lord from Japan" .... This time, however, we decided to report our actions on the way, a bit more broadly. We invited one of the largest caravanning portals in Poland - and Radio Kampus to cooperate. Thanks to these institutions, we will provide information about the places we will reach.

We will write at what physical, emotional and economic cost we have had to decorate our decisions. We want to write what wild off-road camping looks like in given countries. How difficult is this and that, and how nice and beautiful is the second and the third ...

We plan to publish photos on the Facebook - Camprest profile, share a living word in reports and aerial inputs on Radio Kampus and in social media Mitsubishi Japan Motors, which is officially a partner of our expedition.

We ourselves, without remaining passive, invite you to our profile on Instagram: OffTheRoadLife , where we will try to simultaneously reveal the everyday life of the three of us. The # PajeroCamper4x3 project also has a second bottom. We want to show if we travel, what we use to make living in an off-road car easier, how we solved it, and what problems we still face due to the imperfections of our solutions in the car. We will show how we changed the serial Pajero into a "4x4 house".

In the name of our idea, we managed to gain several strong partners and so Fish Dry Pack supplies our team with waterproof (dustproof) bags and backpacks, which may prove to be beneficial during what we are planning.

The company helped to terrain our vehicle (more details in the next installments), provide us with a "mini 4x4 repair shop" and parts (which I hope will return home with us, intact). Most importantly, however, it will significantly train us in off-road topics, both workshop and off-road.

She Wolf , another of the partners, made sure that everything necessary for our family would fit in as if there was no small car. Amazing panniers for windshields not only for off-road cars can accommodate everything (we will show you in details). took care of proper air exchange in our "living room", "kitchen" and "bedroom". An innovative product that will suit everyone who builds a motorhome, has an off-road vehicle, or sleeps in a passenger car…. We will show how we cope in the field (and if we fail, we will also show it). What do we carry in Japanese. How and what we eat .. Some things, however, we will leave for ourselves :) If the curiosity about what starts to be troublesome, it will mean that you have started to build your own vehicle or that you are traveling off-road to find them.

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