Ptuj - the oldest city of Slovenia

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Slovenia is a small country in Central and Eastern Europe, which, despite its small area, is distinguished by rapid economic development and a thriving tourism sector. The real wealth of this country is nature, but Slovenia is also beautiful, historic towns, especially the oldest city in this country - Ptuj.

Slovenia is a country with a very diverse spatial and landscape. There are four distinct areas: the Alps, the Dinaric Mountains, the Pannonian Plain and the Adriatic part (Primorska). The eastern and central parts of Slovenia abound in numerous thermal springs , which is why the region is famous for its many spas, such as Ptuj.

The western part of this tiny country is full of beautiful landscapes - which is associated with numerous gorges and waterfalls in that area. On the other hand, the Dinaric Mountains are a vast karst area, famous for its amazing caves , the Pannonian Plain is a land of vineyards , and part of Primorska is a tiny piece of land, filled with beaches on the Adriatic Sea.


Relaxation with thermal baths

When planning a trip to the eastern region of Slovenia, it is worth taking advantage of the comfortable and well-equipped Camping Terme Ptuj , located only a kilometer from the town of Ptuj, right next to the thermal park.

The resort has a very convenient location . While relaxing there, we can easily visit the oldest city of Slovenia - Ptuj, and guests of the campsite can use the services available in the thermal park and hotel Terme Ptuj for free (e.g. wellness, recreation) twice a day.


The campsite has comfortable and well-equipped holiday homes with a kitchenette, bathroom and a comfortable patio. You can also use the campsite there.

The center has many attractions for children, which they can use, among others. from the playground, participate in activities organized by the animators or spend time in the water playground , equipped with a paddling pool for children.

Camping Terme Ptuj is also a perfect place for all those who are enthusiasts of active recreation . There you can spend time in sports , play tennis, volleyball or go on a bike trip by crossing the nearby trails. There is also a restaurant on the campsite where you can taste local dishes.

Walk through the streets of Slovenia's oldest city

Ptuj is a must-see for tourists resting in Eastern Slovenia. It is really worth seeing this historic and oldest city of Slovenia , situated on the river Drava .

Its history dates back to the Stone Age , and its description already appears in documents from Roman times . Then a military camp was established there, which was elevated by Emperor Trajan to the rank of a Roman colony and was called Colonia Ulpia Traiana Poetovio.

After the fall of the Roman Empire, the city was occupied by the Avars and Slavs , and later became part of the Franconian state . In the 10th century, Ptuj was owned by the Salzburg bishops who contributed to the development of the town. In 1376, this place was granted city rights.


The most magnificent monument of Ptuj is the majestic castle Grad Ptuj from the 11th century, located on a picturesque hill, which now houses a regional museum. Wandering around the town, it is worth visiting its beautiful old town , where you can see the historic church of St. George , the 14th-century Town Tower and the Dominican monastery built in 1230.

It is also worth visiting the cozy cafes there, relaxing in a pleasant atmosphere, and enjoying Slovenian cuisine and delicious local wine at the same time.

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