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The title sounds like one of those challenges like "100 days to bikini" or "10 places you should definitely see while visiting". Here in Rome specifically. Well, how so? Are we supposed to get to know a city so old and so large in just 4 days? Is it even possible? The answer is no. But from the beginning.

The capital of Italy has been tempting tourists for years. Not only the historic center, although it itself can absorb you for at least a few hours. You can spend the whole day there, walking from monument to monument, which will definitely feel good in your legs the next morning. The ancient heart of Rome beats inside the Aurelian Wall. You can walk from one end of the wall to the other at a brisk pace in about an hour, which gives us an idea of the distances that need to be covered. You can also spend your time in Italian - lazily. The streets of the historic part of the Eternal City are full of cozy pubs and shops.

Walk around the center of Rome

First, let's slightly arouse our curiosity by taking a look at the Vatican through the keyhole. To do this, you need to go to the Aventine Hill. There, on Malta Square, is the headquarters of the Knights of Malta with a gate in front of which people queue up just to see the dome of St. Peter's Basilica. Peter from this extraordinary perspective.

If you want to find out if your loved one is sincere, go with him or her to the Mouth of Truth . They are located in the vestibule of the Basilica of Santa Maria in Cosmedin, near the Colosseum. As the legend goes, if a liar puts his hand in them, he can lose it.

The next step is the Capitoline Hill with the Capitoline Museums, where you can see the unofficial symbol of Rome - the Capitoline She-wolf. There is also a statue of Marcus Aurelius there. Then let's go to Venice Square to see the Altar of the Fatherland and the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, where the eternal fire burns.

The plan of the first day of sightseeing can also include ancient city markets - Imperial Forums . Among them, the largest one deserves attention, with Trajan's Column. Just behind it you can see the colonnade, which is the only remnant of the Ulpia Basilica. Then let's go to the Roman Forum and the Colosseum . The culmination of the day's hike can be the Palatine Hill, a hill considered to be the site of the oldest Roman settlement.

Visit to the Vatican

The second day of your stay in Rome is a great time to explore the Vatican Museums and the famous Sistine Chapel . Then you can also go to the interior of St. Basilica. Peter and for a walk around St. Peter's Square. Peter. Many tourists from Poland come to the Vatican to honor the memory of the Pope from Wadowice with a minute of silence. His resting place is in the grounds of St. Peter's Basilica.


During the trip, we can visit several basilicas, including St. Peter's Basilica, considered one of the most important Christian sites in the world. John Lateran . She is the Mother and Head of All Churches of the City and the World.

On the Esquiline Hill there is the Basilica of St. Mary Major , known as the Liberian Basilica, as well as the Basilica of St. Peter in Chains . In the latter you can see the famous statue of Moses by Michelangelo.

Roman squares

You can spend the next day walking around the squares of the Eternal City. There are many of them, and each one captivates in its own way. Waiting for us include: the baroque Piazza Navona with the Quattro Fiumi fountain and Piazza Rotonda with the ancient temple of all gods, the Pantheon. It is also worth going to Piazza Colonna , where the column of Marcus Aurelius stands.

Let's take a walk to Piazza Quirinale , where the seat of the President of Italy stands, and to Piazza Barberini , where the Triton Fountain splashes joyfully.


What's a must-see? The monumental baroque Trevi Fountain , located in the historic center of Rome, near Venice Square. It is such a popular attraction that it is quite a large source of income for the city. Tourists throw coins into it to ensure their return to the Eternal City, romance or wedding. In 2016, coins worth a total of EUR 1.4 million were recovered from it.

Rome from a bird's eye view

On the last day, let's take a break. We've already seen a lot and we also know that there are plenty of attractions left that we won't have time to see. That's okay, we'll get to know them next time. Let's go to the huge Piazza del Popolo , from where we will walk to the Pincio Hill. Called the Roman Bois de Boulogne, it offers tourists a vantage point from which there is a wonderful panorama of the entire city of Rome.

Finally, you can return to the square and take Via del Corso to Piazza di Spagna . Here we will squat on the Spanish Steps and listen to the murmur of the Eternal City.

Camping in the capital of Lazio

When talking about a few days' stay in Rome, it is impossible to ignore the topic of accommodation. It's easy to find a campsite in Lazio . If we want to see as much as possible, the most suitable place would be close to the center - or at least well connected to it. And this is whatCamping Village Roma is like, easy to reach both from the highway and from virtually anywhere in the Eternal City. At the entrance to the site there is a bus stop with a line to the metro station. In addition, there is a bus from the campsite to the center.


Village Roma is a well-equipped place, including: with a swimming pool and a pool bar. It is pet-friendly (stay in the camping zone). It provides vacationers with accommodation for every budget: in a tent, in a house with a terrace, or in a camper. There is a restaurant on its premises, and across the street there is a market where we can buy food and many other useful products. It is worth noting that the campsite places great emphasis on the safety of guests - security guards are on constant watch.

Living in such a place, you can focus on planning your sightseeing. It is worth emphasizing, however, that regardless of whether we come to Rome for a weekend, a few days, a week or two or longer, we will not see all the attractions, we will not get to know every interesting point on the tourist map of the Eternal City. And this is beautiful. We can repeat what others love in Rome: there is always a reason to come back here.

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