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Venice is a symbol of Italy, a tourist, historical and cultural pearl. Every year, the capital of the Veneto region is the destination of millions of people. Characteristic gondolas floating on the cobweb of canals and canals, an impressive number of monuments, hospitable residents and tasty regional food - all this attracts crowds of visitors. Right next to the famous gondola city, there is the Venetian lagoon, which has already charmed many tourists.

Venetian lagoon - the land of islands and islets


The lagoon is characterized by shallow water and a clear border separating it from the open sea. This natural barrier takes the form of a strip of narrow islands. The shallow depth forces sailors to stick to predetermined routes to avoid hitting the ground. There are many points on the tourist map of the lagoon that are worth seeing during your holiday in this region. They include, among others coastal towns such as Chioggia , about 30 km south of Venice. Pellestrina is also noteworthy, situated on a narrow island right on the border with the Adriatic Sea. But what makes the lagoon so picturesque is mainly the numerous islands.

To the east of Venice are Murano and Burano. The first one is actually not one, but seven smaller islands connected with each other by bridges. Murano is famous all over the world for its glass products. They decorate, among others The Ballroom in the famous Slovenian Postojna Cave. About 7 km from the gondola town is Burano. Its history goes back to the times of the Roman Empire. The island became famous in the world thanks to lace and exceptionally colorful buildings.

Known and less known islets of the Venetian lagoon


To the north of Burano we will see another interesting island of the Venetian lagoon - Torcello . Thanks to its position in the past, it played an important role. As a point where important trade routes intersected, Torcello was the center of the region. Over time, local areas began to lose their value, mainly due to the progressive swamp. Today, the island is a shadow of an old age. It is inhabited by only a few dozen people. During the walks, it is worth paying attention to a few interesting points. Among other things, it is the Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta and the Church of Santa Fosca, which to this day testify to the magnificence of this place.

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The next stop on your lagoon hike is Giudecca Island. Located just outside Venice, it seems to be completely different from its more popular neighbor. Life on it flows in peace and quiet. There is no dialect, crowds and noises typical of a large tourist destination. The island was an inspiration for many artists, including Dante, who in "The Divine Comedy" calls hell just Giudecca. Its beauty delighted Michelangelo - the artist stated that he would like to stay on it forever.

Another interesting place worth exploring is the island of San Michele (St. Michael). It is located north of Venice. In fact, it is a huge city cemetery where local residents have been buried since the beginning of the 19th century.

These are not all the important points that you will like. If you intend to come to the area of Venice for a holiday or vacation, we encourage you to visit the islands of San Servolo, Sant'Erasmo and Mazzorbo.

Overnight in Venice - Sant'Angelo Village


The Venetian lagoon region is famous for its excellent accommodation facilities. We especially recommend Sant'Angelo Village . The campsite is located about 20 km east of Venice. Its location guarantees very good communication with the most beautiful islands of the lagoon. A wide range of accommodation options await guests in this five-star facility. Comfortable flats , comfortable bungalows and caravans - everyone will find something for themselves. Tourists traveling in motorhomes or amateurs of sleeping in a tent will be pleased with the spacious, fully equipped pitches.

In addition to accommodation, vacationers can enjoy a number of attractions and additional amenities. The property has a swimming pool complex, restaurants serving traditional dishes, and entertainment is provided by the entertainment team. If you have the opportunity to come to Veneto and stay here, take the opportunity.

We wrote more about the campground here: Sant'Angelo Village - holidays in Italy

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