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In the recent past, Dieppe had the role of the scene on which the failed Operation Jubilee took place. The Allied test landing was a fiasco, the attackers suffered heavy losses and were forced to flee. Traces of WWII events still lie on the coast, but the city does not live only in the past. Dieppe continues the tradition of the fishing town, and besides, it offers numerous attractions for tourists. Each year they attract not only Parisians, but also holidaymakers from other countries.

We're visiting Dieppe

Dieppe is a charming city located practically on the cliffs above the English Channel. Due to the fact that it is the seaside resort closest to Paris, it is very popular among the inhabitants of the French capital. From one city to the other, it takes about 2.5 hours by car, and there are regular trains between them. Dieppe is also a port (one of the busiest in Normandy), from which the ferry leaves for Newhaven. Course prices start at £ 78 per car and 2 adults (one way). With the ferry you can easily get to Brittany, as well as central and western France. And what will we visit in Dieppe itself? The city's many attractions attract tourists spending their holidays in Normandy . They are tempted by the beach surrounded by cliffs, which has already delighted 19th-century painters, including Gauguin and Monet. The local cuisine based on fish and seafood is also a big lure. Gourmets should definitely visit Dieppe in November when the Herring Festival takes place. In addition to food for the body, the resort offers food for the spirit. In the heart of Dieppe is the Villa Perrotte, an art gallery, and the 15th-century fortress, Château de Dieppe, towers over the city. Today it is a museum with an ivory collection, paintings by painters such as Renoir and Boudin, and sculptures by local fishermen. While visiting Dieppe , we will repeatedly see evidence of the durability and strength of the city's relationship with Canada. Maple leaf flags are noticeable at every step, and in Canada's Square you can see a monument commemorating the moment of Canada's colonization by settlers from France.

A trip to the north of France

In Dieppe there is an important port for Normandy, but more important - both for the region and the country as a whole - is the port of Le Havre . It is the largest port in France and the fifth largest port in Europe. In addition, Le Havre can be compared to the French Tower of Babel, because there are approx. 7 thousand students at the local university. students from all over the world. In the streets we will hear languages from all over the world. In Le Havre you can visit the reconstructed center, which was rebuilt after the bombings of the Second World War. In 2005, they were inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List. While strolling around the city, it is also worth seeing the Cathedral of the Virgin Mary, the town hall building (Hôtel de Ville) and nearby La Volcan - the first cultural center of this type in France. When exploring the north of France , take the opportunity to go to Berck, located between the Marquenterre Regional Park and the Ornithological Reserve. The town is divided into two parts: the old fishing (Berck-Ville) and the seaside (Berck-sur-Mer). Around Easter, it hosts the famous annual kite festival.

Camping at Dieppe

For tourists who dream of falling asleep listening to the sound of the sea and be able to enjoy the blue of the water after waking up, the priority is to find accommodation by the coast. Many facilities can boast of such a location, one of them is Camping de la Plage , located between Le Havre and Berck, in close proximity to Dieppe. It is easy to get to - it lies on the D75 road. Open from April to October, it awaits guests, encouraging them to relax on an area of over 2 ha, on well-kept plots with access to electricity. It is eagerly visited by people who like to spend their holidays actively - the camping is an excellent starting point for sightseeing trips.

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