Sweden on a motorcycle - freedom starts here!

Sweden on a motorcycle - freedom starts here! – main image

Rocky shores, sea breezes, glaciers, forests, lakes, wind, space and wastelands… Freedom!

What if for a few days you get off the wheel of everyday life, get on a motorcycle and feel the explosive mixture of adrenaline and endorphins? These fantastic experiences are waiting for you almost around the corner, because only a few hours cruise from here - in Sweden!

Ferry to Sweden - how to get?

You can get to Sweden by motorcycle in two ways:

  • Via Flensburg in Germany and then via Denmark to Malmö. The journey takes approximately 22 hours in total and leads through toll bridges and tunnels. It includes, among others a picturesque ride over the imposing suspension bridge over the Storebælt strait in Denmark and the enormous Øresundsbron bridge that connects Denmark with Sweden.
  • By ferry departing from Gdynia. Most motorcyclists choose this option because it is the most comfortable and the fastest. Stena Line passenger ferries depart from the port of Gdynia to Karlskrona every day. When purchasing a ferry ticket, you must indicate that you want to transport a motorcycle. The cruise to Sweden takes approximately 8 hours. The best option is a night cruise; then in the very morning, straight from the deck of the ship, you can go on a motorcycle expedition.

When planning a trip, it is good to check the current ferry timetable and the tourist cruises offer at https://www.stenaline.pl/do-szwecja/rejsy-turystyczne/szwecja-na-motobillu , because you can often find attractive discounts.

It is also worth getting interested in organized expeditions, such as "MOTORCYCLE FLOOD". It is an event that includes two nights on a boat, two or three days on motorbike routes in Sweden and overnight stays at a five-star Swedish campsite. The participant chooses one of the routes prepared by the organizer and completes it independently, at his own pace.

Cruise to Sweden - how to prepare?

  • You should have the following documents with you: identity document, driving license, motorcycle registration certificate with a valid technical inspection and motorcycle liability insurance as a minimum (we also recommend AC and Assistance);
  • The driver must have a driving license of category A1;
  • You should be at the port 2 hours before departure;
  • Motorcycles are always the first to enter the ferry, so you should avoid the cars waiting in the queue;
  • The motorcycle travels properly secured in a designated place on the car deck;
  • You have to take all the necessary things with you - it is not possible to go down to the motorcycle during the cruise;
  • Pay attention to the prices of phone calls! There is no European roaming on the ferry. However, you can use free Wi-Fi points.

Motorcycle tours in Sweden - what is worth knowing?

  1. A bit of geography . An interesting fact is that the land area of Sweden is larger than that of Poland by over 30%; at the same time, the population density of Sweden is five times lower than in Poland! Most of the population lives in the southern part of the country. It is thanks to this that, when crossing the country towards the north, we feel like in a deserted wasteland.
  2. Road infrastructure . Sweden has about 2,000 km of high-quality motorways and expressways, and they are the safest roads in the world, and travel on them is free. Exceptions are bridges connecting Sweden with Denmark and Norway, as well as entry to the center of some cities.
  3. Weather in Sweden . The climate in Sweden is temperate, with mild temperatures throughout all seasons. In the vicinity of Stockholm, average temperatures in July are around 20 - 25 ° C, and in the northern part of the country 12 - 17 ° C. The annual rainfall in Sweden is less than the global average, which is mainly caused by the Gulf Stream.
  4. Currency and money . The currency of Sweden is the Swedish Krona. As Sweden is moving away from using cash, most places pay by card.
  5. "The law of all people." In Sweden, the law allows you to pitch your tent anywhere, as long as it does not bother anyone and does not infringe the privacy of the landlord.
  6. Parking . In Swedish towns and cities, you can park your car or motorcycle only in marked areas. Parking on the sidewalk, lawn or the edge of the road is not allowed.

For many motorcyclists, a motorcycle trip to Sweden is at the top of the dream list. We are now only separated from its implementation by a decision and ... a few hours of a cruise on a large ship.


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