The sky above Enkhuizen

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In the West-Friesland region, in the province of North Holland, we find a town called Enkhuizen. It is the most popular port in the northern part of the IJsselmeer, the largest lake in the Netherlands.

In the past, the main industry of Enkhuizen was fishing, now - tourism. In summer, ferries run regularly between it and the towns of Urk and Stavoren, and thanks to rail connections, the resort is well connected with, among others, with Amsterdam. Agriculture still plays an important role in it, especially the cultivation of ornamental flowers.

Ships in bottles and anchors-trophies

Enkhuizen is located in closed internal waters, and was still a seaport until the 1930s. The Flevoland Polder was only drained 40 years ago. It can be reached from Enkhuizen via the Markermeer dyke, which still remembers that it was the sea recently. By the way, it is worth stopping for a moment in the young Lelystad and looking at the guardian of the lake - a 25-meter tall figure of iron, staring at the Ijsselmeer.

The main street of Enkhuizen is the Westerstraat , with no car traffic. We will see, among others, the Koepoort gate, a Protestant church, and at number 158 - a tenement house with a facade decorated with reliefs, which is the object of interest for every tourist with a camera in his hand. To the south of Westerstraat, on the Oude Poort, boats and sailboats are moored. It is worth mentioning that the Flessenscheepjes Museum houses the world's largest collection of bottled ships.

A big attraction in Enkhuizen is the round Drommedaris watchtower. The two anchors visible on it remind us of the unsuccessful attack on the city - the enemy, scared off by the fishermen, cut them off in order to escape faster. Today, the tower houses a cultural center.

The past is locked in an open-air museum

Enkhuizen has kept the atmosphere of a typical Dutch town, and one of the places where this atmosphere can be felt most intensely is the Zuiderzeemuseum . During the tour, you can learn about the life of the inhabitants of the Zuiderzee Bay at the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries.

The first part of the museum is located under the roof, while the second one is an open- air museum . It impresses with its size, and its area is crossed by numerous canals. The entire area is fenced. When buying a ticket (adults - EUR 5, children - EUR 2.5), visitors receive a newspaper with a map with a list of all workshops and attractions prepared especially for the day. You can see, among others to smokehouses, printing and soap shops, to the post office or to a fishing net workshop.

Children can test themselves in carving boats in wood, making soaps or in various games and activities. There is also an amusement park waiting for them with a huge swing and merry-go-rounds. You can take a fishing boat and visit the open-air museum in traditional folk costumes. We will gather strength for the further journey in a restaurant, cafe or at one of the special picnic places.

Camping in Enkhuizen

The city attracts tourists with various advantages, ranging from the monuments of the old part, through the open-air museum, and ending with water entertainment Ijsselmeer. At Kooizandweg 9 street, there is something that will delight every child and many parents. This is a theme park called Sprookjeswonderland , where we meet characters from famous fairy tales. Its inhabitants include Hansel and Gretel, The Little Mermaid, Snow White and the dwarfs, and Gulliver and Pinocchio. There is also a puppet theater and a playground.

Where can we find accommodation? Camping De Vest is located in the immediate vicinity of the station. It is an intimate facility where families with children will feel great. Tourists wishing to spend time actively or party people will also be pleased, because it is close to everywhere. The campsite has been waiting for guests since March 25, 2016.

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