The town of Gwarków - Tarnowskie Góry

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If you asked the average tourist to indicate attractive regions of Poland, his list would probably include the area by the sea, in the mountains or in Masuria (any order). He would rather be surprised if he heard that he would find many interesting places in Silesia. But the average tourist can be forgiven - and you can also point out places that he may not have heard of, and which he now regrets seeing their beauty so late. Such places are, among others Tarnowskie Góry, a town surrounded by water reservoirs and forests on the edge of the Silesian metropolis.

Active holiday in Silesia

Tarnowskie Góry is perfectly connected with neighboring centers, and it is easy to get to them also from other regions of the country. They are an ideal starting point for trips for motorized tourists, for lovers of sightseeing by bike, as well as for people who prefer to travel the world on their own feet. Several tourist routes pass through them, including: the Gwarków Trail (27 km), the Polish Husaria Trail (156 km) and the Centennial of Tourism Trail (138 km). And the city itself has a lot to offer to visitors - not only as one of the oldest mining centers in Poland. A holiday in Tarnowskie Góry is a great opportunity to relax and unwind in the Water Park, the first in Silesia and at the same time one of the most modern recreation and bathing centers in the country. The complex is well-equipped and its offer is dedicated to customers of all age groups. The high level of recreational and sports services is guaranteed by the Quality Certificate according to ISO 9001: 2008, held by the facility since 2009. What awaits us in the Water Park? Among other things, there is a sports and outdoor swimming pool, paddling pools for children, slides and a jacuzzi, as well as a saltwater pool (brine) with healing properties. There is also a sauna, a solarium and a gym, an artificial ice rink and a skate park, as well as a salt cave and a shooting range. This is only a fraction of the rich offer of the park.

Underground attractions of south-western Poland


When visiting Tarnowskie Góry , you cannot miss a few points, such as the Black Trout Adit (Repecki Park), located on the Industrial Monuments Route. The route extends between the shafts "Ewa" and "Sylwester" at a length of 600 meters, and it is visited by connected boats. The Trail also includes the Historic Silver Mine, the only underground tourist route in Poland that gives visitors the opportunity to get to know the former mines of silver-bearing ores. The flooded pavement is covered by boats. The tour takes place in groups with a guide, remember to wear warm clothes (the temperature in the mine fluctuates around 10 ° C) and shoes with flat heels. An interesting place is also the Gwarków Bell Tower , standing in the very heart of the city, on the Gwarków Square. In the past, the shift bell hung on it was used to measure successive shifts in the mine. Probably not everyone knows that the dialects are simply miners, but they are members of a guild. Today, the city has a 3-day festival called the Days of the Gwarks (in September), and the Gwareki Picnic (in June). On the occasion of mining, it is worth mentioning that the cult of Saint Barbara as the patron saint of miners was born in Tarnowskie Góry.

Camping in Tarnowskie Góry


If someone is planning to get to know the region better, finding accommodation in Tarnowskie Góry will be a great solution . It is an ideal starting point for further trips - not only to Upper Silesia or the surrounding area, but also further into the Tatra Mountains, Slovakia and even Romania. The town is home to Camp9 nature campground Poland , a fully ecological camping run by a couple of travel enthusiasts. The property has its own water treatment plant. On its site you can spend a romantic evening by the fire or sit with your friends at the grill, preparing a plan for your next trip.

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