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What is Denmark's youngest city, Aarhus, associated with? With the Tivoli Friheden amusement park, with beers from local breweries, with dozens of shops and boutiques, and with numerous festivals and crowds of young people on the streets.

Due to the low average age of its inhabitants and the related number of students, Aarhus is called the youngest city in Denmark. It is not young at all - its origins date back to the 8th century. It is situated on the Jutland Peninsula in Central Jutland.

Denmark's Ugliest Festival

May in Aarhus is marked by rock - fans of stronger sounds come from all over Europe at the SPOT Festival. The Aarhus Festival takes place at the turn of August and September, which is accompanied each year by a different theme. In 2015, the theme is "Light, more light - into the darkness, out in the light" , which is a paraphrase of Goethe's last words. The festival has been organized since 1965, and this year's festival will take place on August 28 - September 6. As every year, it also hosts the Food Festival , where you can taste the flavors of Scandinavian cuisine.

The middle of the holiday is the time of Danmarks Grimmeste Festival , also known as Denmark's Ugliest Festival. Under this enigmatic name, there is an underground festival, an event that attracts fans of music other than the one that is played over and over in fashionable radio stations. This year's edition takes place on July 30 - August 1 .


The number of festivals in Aarhus is not surprising, considering that the city is home to Denmark's most important House of Music , which houses, among others, Danish Electroacoustic Music Institute, Opera and Symphony Orchestra. There are two concert halls in the building, and on weekends you can hear a variety of music, from jazz to classical to rock.

Young, aged city

Aarhus offers numerous attractions not only for partygoers, but also for the more relaxed tourists. There are many unique places in it, and these are by no means "boring" traces of the city's former glory.

First and foremost, Saint Clemens Circe , Denmark's longest church, deserves attention. The slender Gothic cathedral dedicated to the patron saint of sailors is located on Store Torv, the main square. It is famous not only for the length of the building (93m), but also for the height of the tower (96m), the highest church tower in Denmark. In the basement, next to the temple, there is the Viking Museum .


Not only lovers of old times will find themselves in the world's first open-air history and culture museum, the Den Gamle By . It is an open-air museum where you can see characters taken alive from Andersen's fairy tales - including women in caps and horse-drawn carriages.


Another attraction of Aarhus is the Women's Museum , the only one in the country and one of the few objects of this type on the continent.

A campsite in the Aarhus area

In such an attractive tourist place, you cannot miss accommodation - both in Aarhus itself and in its immediate vicinity. The guests are waiting, among others Camping Blommehaven, located 5 km south of the city center. In addition to the location right by the sea, in close proximity to Aarhus, it offers great accommodation conditions and a range of entertainment. There are numerous bicycle paths in the area. The campsite has access to the beach, its advantages also include the immediate vicinity of the greenery of Marselisborg Woods. While walking in the forest, you can go to the Deer Park and meet its big-eyed inhabitants.

Approx. 8 km north of the city there is a year-round Aarhus Camping. It offers many places for campers and caravans, as well as a separate section for tourists preferring to stay in a tent. It has a café and a heated swimming pool that can be used from June to August.

If someone needs a mental rejuvenation, in Aarhus they certainly have a chance. We encounter youth here at every step, so it is impossible not to get infected with the energy of this city.

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