Udine with tokaja and grappa flavor

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The Italian town of Udine lies in the northeastern part of the country, in the region of Friuli Venezia Giulia. It is approximately 40 km from the Slovenian border, and less than 90 km from the Austrian border. The stars of the landscapes are the peaks of the Julian and Carnic Alps, the highest of which is Hohe Warte, or Coglians (2780 m above sea level). The region is not large, but diverse, with a beautiful lagoon in the south, a lowland part abounding in rivers, and a mountainous part in the north covered with spruce forests.

Leisure in Udine - sea in summer, mountains in winter

Udine is perhaps not as popular as the provinces of Veneto , but it is undoubtedly popular with tourists all year round. In summer, its shores are besieged by sunbathers, while in winter, skiing and snowboarding fans flock to large stations, including Tolmezzo and Ravascletto. Tarvisio is also worth mentioning, apart from the ski slopes known for the market, where you can buy very good wine at a favorable price. Another attraction of the province is Gorizia, a city with a symbolic border with Slovenia. It is a multi-ethnic resort, picturesquely surrounded by the Collio vineyards. It is there that produces wines that belong to the best Italian wines. Of course, it is impossible to ignore Udine itself, a city whose architecture will surprise many tourists. It includes elements of both Gothic and Art Deco, as well as Renaissance. Udine is famous for the production of high-quality furniture - it is one of the largest manufacturers in Europe.

Walk around Udine

Tourists wishing to visit Udine will be sure to visit Piazza Libertà, the square of the locals' favorite meeting place. It is the oldest square in the city, and the Gothic town hall standing next to it, Loggia del Lionello, is rightly considered one of the most beautiful palaces in Italy. Its size and splendor are reminiscent of Venetian palaces - in the past Udine was dependent on Venice, which left an imprint on its architecture. In addition to the town hall, tourists will certainly be attracted by the clock tower (Torre dell'Orologio), Palazzo Patriarcale and Oratorio della Puritá. While walking around the city, we will see many buildings in the decorative art nouveau style, but the main attractions include the 16th-century castle, which now houses a museum and an art gallery. When crossing the borders of Udine, you will see Porta Aquileia (entrance gate) and the Chiesa Beata Vergine del Carmine church standing in its close vicinity. If the date of our holiday in Udine falls on the beginning of the month, let's take the opportunity and go to the flea market. It is organized on the first Sunday of the month, and for tourists it is not only an opportunity to buy a gem, but also to have direct contact with local folklore. A wine festival takes place in Piazza Matteotti in September. It is worth trying the regional white wine, frulian tokaya, and a stronger drink - grappa.

Camping in Udine

Neither a tourist wishing to rest in a hotel or preferring to stay in the bosom of nature in a tent will have problems with looking for accommodation in Friuli Venezia Giulia . The accommodation base of the region will fully satisfy all tastes and requirements, offering offers for every budget. About 77 km from Udine and 105 km from Venice is Camping Village Pino Mare , which proves that camping can be associated with luxury. On the area of 16 ha, there are not only over 300 mobile homes (including deluxe facilities for those who love glamping) and approx. 355 plots, but also a wide beach strip with over 650 umbrellas, a large swimming pool with a bar, exclusive Wellness Center and Restaurant. The rich menu of the latter offers both "traditional" lovers of Mediterranean cuisine and people with various food allergies, vegetarians and vegans. The campsite's offer is so extensive that you can spend an intense holiday without leaving the facility. And no one will say we put him on a lounger by the pool.

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