Under the Croatian sun - holidays in Rovinj

Under the Croatian sun - holidays in Rovinj – main image

If someone is wondering which Croatian city to choose for a vacation, consider coming to Rovinj. It is not only a popular seaside resort - it is in the forefront of the sunniest towns on the Adriatic. He takes the honorable third place on the podium, which means that when planning a vacation in this part of the Istrian coast, we do not have to worry about bad weather.

Holidays in Istria

The main industries of Istria are fishing, agriculture and winemaking, but this beautiful Croatian region is famous mainly for the production of olive oil. You can even say that one of the main souvenirs brought from holidays in Istria is a bottle of high-quality olive oil. This includes thanks to it, the local cuisine is unmatched in the aroma and depth of taste of dishes - be it meat, pasta or salads. During your vacation in Croatia , visit Konoba, a restaurant serving only regional dishes. For gourmets of fish and seafood, Istria is an ideal destination, with particular emphasis on restaurants in the Lim Channel, tourists who love well-prepared oysters. In addition to the feast for the body, Istria offers numerous tourist attractions that make it considered the most beautiful region of Croatia. This applies mainly to the coast, which attracts thousands of people every year with its diversified line and extensive infrastructure. In turn, the inland areas attract holidaymakers who prefer agritourism holidays, as well as wine lovers (wine route). In addition to wines, the region is famous for its delicious truffles.


Vacation in Rovinj

One of the most beautiful cities in the region, Rovinj , is in a central position on the west coast of Istria. After climbing the towering bell tower of the most important temple of the resort, the Church of St. Euphemia, we can see how tightly its buildings are. Today, it mainly translates into the unique atmosphere of narrow streets, invariably captivating tourists for years, while in the past it was associated with the prohibition of building new buildings. Residents were only allowed to expand the existing ones, which resulted in strange situations of nesting of whole families, e.g. at 20 meters. The reason was simple - Rovinj was an island for hundreds of years, and it was not connected to the mainland until the 18th century. From the belfry you can see not only the city, but also the surrounding islands and the bay. The tower itself is over 60 meters high and well over 300 years old. Its top is crowned with a movable figurine of the patron, which - like a hen - rotates in the direction of the wind. After descending from the tower, you can wander the narrow streets, and then visit one of the many pubs with great seafood. For many tourists , holidays on the Adriatic are the perfect excuse to indulge their taste buds and learn about new dishes. It is worth noting that the first Croatian restaurant that won the Michelin Star is located in Rovinj. This is the Monte restaurant (ul. Montalbano 75), which received the prestigious award in 2017.


Camping in Rovinj

Val Saline Camping is located in the immediate vicinity of Rovinj, offering tourists accommodation in spacious plots surrounded by greenery. It has access to a long, beautiful beach, and some of the plots are located right next to the shore, so that vacationers have the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful views immediately after waking up.


The campsite is well-equipped, you can exchange currency at the reception, grocery store and newspaper kiosk, and on the seafront there is a restaurant serving Mediterranean cuisine, highly praised by guests. There is a bar with drinks near the beach. For enthusiasts of active leisure, a wide range of entertainment has been prepared - the camping has an outdoor gym, several beach volleyball courts, a mini golf course, a water park, there is also the possibility of playing table tennis and renting a bicycle. There is a playground for the little ones. Val Saline Camping welcomes guests from late April to early October.

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