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The Naples area is one of the most visited places in Italy by tourists. Mount Vesuvius and the perfectly preserved Pompeii are just a substitute for attractions waiting for vacationers who are thirsty for experience. It is also a land of grapevines, olives and apricots. The term "Happy Country", as this is the Latin name of this region (Campania felix), perfectly reflects the prevailing moods there.


A quiet Italian vacation

About 100 km south of Naples (one hour by train), in the province of Salerno on the Tyrrhenian Sea, is the town of Agropoli. It is a great idea for a holiday in Italy for people who value a quiet holiday, and for them the holiday means complete de-stressing. Agropoli has the atmosphere of a place where people enjoy life. It is a quiet town full of kind people, where the sea is so incredibly blue that at first it is difficult for the eyes to get used to it. He will fall in love with everyone who puts a foot in it. Crossed by a network of winding streets, it will attract and charm the visitor with the atmosphere of relaxation and lack of rush. There are cozy restaurants waiting for tourists, serving, among others, delicious pizzas and delicious wine. Agropoli comes to life in the evening hours, but the buzz of conversations and games lasts until the morning. After dark, pizzerias, restaurants and supermarkets reopen.


The main promenade is the heart of the village. Walking in Italian, that is, back and forth, we can take a closer look at the marina. While wandering through the city, it is worth visiting one of its main attractions, and at the same time the cultural center of the area - Castello Angioino-Aragonese . Concerts and other cultural events often take place in the castle. About one kilometer south of the center of Agropoli is La Baia di Trentova , one of the local beaches. Surrounded by green hills, it encourages blissful lounging and enjoying the blue sea.


Mythical Poseidonia

A little further, about 5 km north of Agropoli, there is one of the best-preserved Greek colonies - the Latin Paestum , and the Greek Poseidonia . Today, it is a well-known archaeological park, and at the same time a district of the city of Capaccio. The area is under the patronage of UNESCO, it is inscribed on the World Heritage List. In ancient times, the colony was surrounded by a massive protective wall 5 km thick and 5 km long. Most of it has remained to this day. While visiting the park, we will come across perfectly preserved buildings that served as temples in the past, including two in honor of Hera and one - Athens. The Roman amphitheater is also noteworthy. There is a museum in the archaeological park, where you can see many exhibits related to the Roman times and Greek colonization. Many tourists spending their holidays in Campania visit Paestum to learn more about the history of the region.


Camping in Italy

Just a kilometer from the temples of Paestum there is an ideal place for a family vacation - Camping Villaggio dei Pini , beautifully situated among green pines shading the plots. It provides its guests with everything that you would expect from a Mediterranean holiday resort. Accommodation options include pitches for tents, pitches for campers, mobile homes and air-conditioned bungalows (with places for 2, 4 and 6 people). The campsite has a restaurant, bar and pizzeria (with pizza baked in a clay oven), there is also a snack bar and shop, as well as a playground for children, football fields and a tennis court. You can play bowling or beach volleyball here - the facility has a private beach with a gentle descent to the sea, providing children with the opportunity to splash in the water under the supervision of their carers. In summer, partygoers can have fun at the nearby disco. The location is great, especially for people who want to actively relax, sightseeing. The city can be reached on foot in a few minutes and there is a train station nearby.

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