Vacation on the Cleopatra Beach

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Long time ago, the Queen of Egypt, together with her Roman lover, enjoyed the beauty of the Turkish beach and the blissful sound of the water. Today, Cleopatra's Beach is considered one of the most beautiful beaches of the Turkish Riviera. In high season it is crowded with crowds of tourists from all over the world.

Turkish beaches have long been very popular among Europeans who are hungry for sun. One of the most magnificent ones surround the famous resort of the Turkish Riviera, Alanya, tempting tourists with golden sand and the sound of the waves.

The capital of the Turkish Riviera

Today, Alanya is one of the most famous Turkish seaside resorts. Tourists can enjoy wide beaches and a warm Mediterranean Sea, allowing them to enjoy all kinds of water sports. The surroundings of the city are also attractive for people who want to spend their holidays actively. The possibilities for holidaymakers include fancy port parties, boat trips along the coast and rafting.

Visitors have countless opportunities to learn about the rich Turkish culture and even richer cuisine. It is worth tasting, among others fish soup and pilaf, i.e. rice and vegetable dishes.

Cleopatra Beach

The undisputed star and the main local attraction is the famous Cleopatra Beach , named after the Queen, who reportedly had love with Mark Antony here. The sand is clean and soft, and the tourist infrastructure is very extensive - not only thanks to stories about trysts by a couple of lovers. Along the coast there are dozens of restaurants, pubs and cafes where you can sit over a cup of steaming drink. Already on the first day of your stay in Alanya you will realize that the most popular drink in Turkey is tea, served in small glasses.

Cleopatra Beach stretches over the western part of the peninsula and offers visitors great diving conditions . It is a public beach - you only pay for renting a sunbed or umbrella and, of course, for using water sports. Windsurfing enthusiasts can catch the wind in their sails (or rather a sail) and have fun on the board, great fun is also waiting for fans of parasailing, jet-ski, water skiing or the good banana. On land, on the other hand, you can take part in football, beach volleyball and triathlon games.

If someone still feels unsatisfied with impressions, there is a large Aquapark nearby. The famous Damlataş Cave (Dripping Stone) is located right next to the beach. The name comes from the water flowing from the stalactites, and the interior of the cave resembles a candle surface with solidified wax drops. According to scientists, the infiltrates were created about 15 thousand. years ago. The microclimate in the cave is very beneficial for those suffering from asthmatic diseases, which is why it is often visited by people struggling with respiratory problems.

Monuments of Alanya

A must-see during a trip around the city is climbing the Seljuk fortress Kalesi standing at the top of the 250-meter headland. It is a medieval castle with a beautiful view of the Turkish Riviera and the sea. The symbol of the city, the Red Tower, which houses an ethnographic museum, is also noteworthy. Admission to it is paid, as to the citadel, while other places in the castle are open to tourists for free.

People wishing to spend more time in Alanya and looking for accommodation can stay at one of the oldest and best equipped campsites in the resort - Perle Camping . It is located right by the sea. On its premises there is a restaurant with an extensive menu, highly praised by tourists. You can also buy fresh bread here and access the network without problems. Overnight stay costs € 8.5 - € 12.

One of the most popular Turkish resorts invites everyone who dreams of relaxing on the beach. Delicious food, beautiful views, clean beaches and warm water - what more could you want?

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