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The most important point on the tourist map of Veneto is undoubtedly its capital - Venice. The city, beloved by crowds of tourists from all over the world, is a unique place. Built on water with transport based on a complex system of canals, it impresses with its unique atmosphere and interesting architecture. It is worth spending at least a weekend in Venice, and later - go to visit other attractions of the region, which are not lacking. How to plan your stay in Venice? Which of the nearby towns are worth seeing? Check out our guide to the region!

A walk around Venice

Venice is considered one of the most beautiful places in the world. It owes its popularity to the unique location on numerous marshy islands in the Adriatic Sea. The lagoon hides a historically and architecturally interesting city, the symbols of which are the carnival, gondoliers and the film festival, which attracts the greatest cinema stars every year. Places not to be missed while visiting Venice are certainly the famous Doge's Palace, St. Mark , who is the patron saint of the city, and the basilica where his relics are located. Popular tourist spots also include the Church of San Giorgio Maggiore and the clock tower. The best way to get to know the city is to get lost between narrow streets with tightly packed houses - this is where the everyday life of the city's inhabitants goes on. You can also admire the panorama of Venice by riding a gondola on the canals, including the largest and most spectacular Grand Canal .


By the way, take a walk along the famous Rialto Bridge , which looks best just before sunset. A family holiday in Italy is a great opportunity to visit other islands in the lagoon. You can get there by public water trams, called vaporetto . We especially recommend the island of Murano, famous for the production of glass products, and Burano , extremely photogenic due to the countless number of colorful houses that are on it.

In a camper through the region

Veneto, or Veneto, has many interesting attractions to offer travelers. Outside of Venice, it is worth going to Verona, made famous by the Shakespearean tragedy "Romeo and Juliet". In the city, you will find not only the tomb of the heroes who are unhappily in love, but also the famous balcony where one of the most important book scenes took place. In addition, the most valuable monuments of the city include the Triumphal Arch and the Lions Gate. The Castelvcchio Castle is also worth seeing, with masterpieces of sculpture and painting. Another point during your vacation in Italy can be Padua, where you will see, among others, the Basilica of St. Anthony, the Church of the Hermits, the Palace of Justice and the university building - Palazzo del Bo. It is also worth visiting the seaside Trieste, where most of the attractions are located in the city center, on the San Gusto hill. Holidays in Veneto is the best opportunity to visit one of the most popular lakes in the country - Lago di Garda. Located less than 200 km from the capital of the region, it delights with clean water and picturesque towns around.

Camping in Veneto


Are you going on a trip to Veneto and don't know where to stay? There is no shortage of campsites suitable for the whole family in this touristic region. For those traveling with motorhomes, we recommend the Vela Blu Camping Village , which is located in the immediate vicinity of the sea. The campsite is only 45 km from Venice, and it is also close to other towns in the region. Numerous amenities await you on site, including a cafe, jacuzzi, entertainment staff, pizzeria, grocery store and internet access. For enthusiasts of spending an active holiday in Italy , it is possible to rent boats and kayaks. There will also be numerous bicycle paths at your disposal. Children can use the playground and the swimming pool with slides. Certainly no one will be bored.

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