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The Eternal City of Rome, located in central Italy, is the destination of millions of tourists every year to see caput mundi (Latin for "head of the world"). This global metropolis, washed by the waters of the Mediterranean Sea and wrapped in the Tiber ribbon, has been attracting people from all over the world for years. It tempts them not only with the enormous number of tourist attractions (it is difficult to mention even a fraction of the monuments remaining after antiquity and the Middle Ages). It is a city of two countries (Italy and the Vatican), with a large international airport, an extensive network of highways and a perfectly organized network of high-speed railways. Full of monuments, yet very modern. Thirty km from its center, among the benefits of the 21st century, is probably the first colony of Rome - Ostia .

A city taken from the sea

Ostia, an ancient port city, founded around the 7th century BC (although so far no archaeological evidence dating this period of creation has been found, many accounts refer to this time), originally lay right at the mouth of the Tiber to the Tyrrhenian Sea. Climate change, along with the change of the coastline, "shifted" the city inland, separating it from the sea. And so today this ancient port is still located on the Tiber River - only about 3 km from the beach. Due to the number of well-preserved remains of the ancient world, Ostia is sometimes compared to Pompeii . Right after it, it is the second center of this type in Italy.


Italian holidays in Ostia

This mysterious Roman quarter is home to the Archaeological Park . Walking around it, we can see how it was lived and to which gods were prayed in distant ancient times. The excavations themselves began in the 19th century and are carried out - with breaks - to this day. The park is a huge area that stretches along the city's former main street, Decumanus Maximus (now Viale degli Scavi). The almost two-kilometer-long route allows tourists to get to know perfectly preserved apartment houses, numerous thermal baths, nymphs, a capitol and a monumental theater with a capacity of over 3,000 people. The Capitol itself is located on the Ostian Forum. There are also temples of Roma and Augustus. Another interesting point on the park's map, the Baths of Neptune , are the baths, which included a collection of rooms such as tepidaria (floor-heated rooms with hot water) or phrygidaria (rooms with cold water pools). The interiors of the rooms were decorated with mosaics and finished with marble. Sightseeing does not have to be guided - we can get carried away by the ancient atmosphere of the park and travel through it on our own. When planning a trip to the capital of Lazio , it is really worth including Ostia on your list of places to visit. From the center, it is easy to get here by metro and train. If you would like to get to know the district first, you can take the bus to Lido di Ostia directly from the airport.


Camping in Rome

Where in Rome can those who love green and freedom stay overnight? For example, in one of the cottages that Camping Village Roma Capitol offers. In the 26 hectare park you will find hardened grassy plots with numerous amenities (including electricity, satellite TV, internet). Vacationers without their own camper can find themselves in cozy cottages with a kitchen and bathroom, 2-3 bedrooms and their own garden area. The campsite has a supermarket, restaurants and a conference room. Tourists who prefer active recreation will also find something for themselves. Minigolf, football and volleyball courts, the proximity of the beach and a playground for children are only some of the attractions that the camping offers. Thanks to the well-organized public transport (the stop is only a few dozen meters away from the center) and the close vicinity of the beautiful sandy beaches of Ostia (approx. 3 km), it is an ideal place for people who want to combine a holiday by the sea with sightseeing in Rome.

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