Waterfalls on the Grand Tour in Switzerland


Holidays by the sea or lakes? If you love water, you will find your dream vacation spot not only in southern Europe. We encourage you to see what Switzerland offers to tourists in this regard. Fall in love with its waterfalls just like we did!

There is nothing more romantic than the sight of water falling from a step into a lake or river. If you agree with this, you will certainly like our today's proposition. Visit with us Swiss places with waterfalls, including the famous Lauterbrunnen valley, where there are over 70 such attractions waiting to be discovered. See the waterfalls of the Rhine, Reichenbach, Trümmelbach and Engstligen. We encourage you to read!

Lauterbrunnen Valley – the kingdom of waterfalls

Lauterbrunnen-Staubbachfall waterfall

We'll start with the biggest attraction in this category. The largest, literally and figuratively, is the Valley of 72 Waterfalls! Lauterbrunnen is considered one of the most beautiful Swiss valleys. One trip is enough to understand what she did to deserve it. This is a treasure of the Jungfrau region, not only crowded with tourists in summer, who come to it, among others. panoramic train. The town of Lauterbrunnen is located at an altitude of 795 m above sea level, and is a starting point for interesting places in the region. You can take the rack railway and get to the eastern side of the valley, to the village of Wengen . Another option is Mürren , which, like Wengen, is situated on a slope, although it is more difficult to access. You can enter the trekking route from one or the other village. We also recommend going to Kleine Scheidegg and from there by train to Jungfraujoch.

Lauterbrunnen-Muerrenbachfall waterfall

But let's focus on the waterfalls. The name Lauter Brunnen means "loud fountains", but the surrounding landscape also captivates with its picturesque meadows. There are large rock walls here, and the architecture of the mountain huts makes a great impression on visitors. The largest waterfall in the Lauterbrunnen valley is called Staubbach . There is a tiny church right next to it. Staubbach falls from a height of almost 300 meters into the Lütschine river flowing through the valley. In summer, it sprays water in all directions, creating a water mist. This is due to the warm winds that swirl around the water during this period. You will feel it clearly when you are nearby.

If you don't know yet whether to visit this place, consider that it has stolen the heart not only of tourists, but also of poets (Goethe) and directors - or at least one of them. Lauterbrunnen is the prototype of Rivendell , the valley of the elves known from Tolkien's film adaptations. Come here and you will feel like you are in the world of "The Lord of the Rings".

TIP: We recommend Camping Jungfrau in this area

Trümmelbach – water falling from a glacier

Trummelbachfall waterfall, Switzerland

In the immediate vicinity of the Staubbach waterfall there is another one, perhaps not as high (approx. 200 meters) and spectacular, but also worth attention. This is the rock-cut Trümmelbach , which is not one but ten waterfalls. And not just any waterfalls - they are considered the largest underground waterfalls in Europe. They are located inside the mountain and are the only glacial formations of this type available to tourists thanks to an elevator, trails, platforms and galleries. Well-thought-out structures make it possible for those interested to access them in the summer. You also have the opportunity to expand your knowledge thanks to information boards.

The Trümmelbach Falls are hidden behind a stone wall in the Black Monk Rocks. Every second 20 thousand liters of melted water from the Jungfrau glaciers flows down to the valley. At the same time, it contributes to the movement of the entire mountain, as it washes away approximately 20,000 m2 per year. tons of rock material.

When you are in this area, we recommend a trip to Stechelberg . The road (UNESCO trail) leads along vertical rock walls, through one of the largest natural reserves in the country. You will see pristine Alpine nature and mountain peaks - including many three- and four-thousanders.

Engstligen – waterfalls of the canton of Bern

Engstligenfall waterfall, Switzerland

We move a little further, but we do not leave the canton of Bern. We're going to Interlaken. Just get off the panoramic train and you will find yourself in a resort that attracts thousands of tourists due to its location. This is the big star of the Jungfrau region, beautiful in itself, but also attractive because of its location. It stretches on a plain between two lakes, and its landscape is decorated with three mountain peaks: Jungfrau, Mönch and Eiger. You can take the train and visit Lauterbrunnen, Wengen, Kleine Scheidegg or Grindelwald. If you love admiring views at high altitudes, you will remember this trip for the rest of your life!

What we want to draw your attention to today are not mountains or lakes, but waterfalls. From Interlaken you will get to Adelboden , a charming mountain village. From there, by bus or on foot, you will reach the second longest waterfalls in Switzerland (600 meters). The hiking trip to the Engstligen waterfalls takes approximately 90 minutes. The attraction consists of two waterfalls: upper and lower. The first one (165 meters) is partially visible from the Engstligenalp cable car. Those who would like to see it in all its glory must take the mule path leading up the rocks. You can reach the lower one (97 meters) via a mountain path from the lower station of the Engstligenalp cable car. The route is easy, so you won't get tired.

The beauty of the Engstligen waterfall put it on the Swiss Inventory of Landscapes of National Importance. The waters that cascade down two steps come from the numerous mountain streams of the Engstligenalp. At the northern exit of the plateau they join and descend 375 meters into the valley, where they form the beginning of the Entschlige River. Engstligen has one of the highest water volumes of all alpine waterfalls.

Reichenbach – not only for Sherlock Holmes fans

Schattenhalb-Reichenbachfaelle Switzerland

Another waterfall is also located in the canton of Bern, but on the Reichenbach River (a tributary of the Aare River). It is located approximately 2 km south of the city of Meiringen. You can reach it from Interlaken, but you have to go in the opposite direction to Adelboden, i.e. to the east. Reichenbach is one of the highest alpine waterfalls. Its total height is 200 meters and the highest cascade is 90 meters. The destination can be reached by the Reichenbachfall-Bahn funicular railway.

Reichenbach Waterfall, Switzerland

If the waterfall evokes associations with detective literature, it must be Reichenbach. It was once made famous by Arthur Conan Doyle because he chose it as the site of the last fight between Sherlock Holmes and the outstanding mathematician Prof. Moriarty. This unique place was supposed to be the last one the main character would see, but the number of letters from readers prompted the author to change his mind and add a sequel. If you come here in May, you can take part in the international convention of lovers of the brilliant detective.

Before setting out on the Grand Tour of Switzerland, I recommend downloading an electronic guide for this most beautiful route in Switzerland.

Rheinfall – Rhine Waterfalls

Rhine Falls, Switzerland

The last attraction we present to you is the continent's largest waterfall in terms of flow. Rheinfall is 150 meters wide, is located at the gorge of the Rhine. You will see it when you come to Neuhausen am Rheinfall in the canton of Schaffhausen. Spectacular is the word that describes it perfectly. When you stand high above its waters, you will feel a delicate mist on your skin.

It's a wonderful place for a family trip or a date with your loved one. You can increase the romantic mood by boarding the ship. You will reach a large rock rising in the middle of the waterfall, and there you will go up the stairs to the viewing platform. Boats also run to the Rhine basin and to the castles of Laufen and Wörth.

Rheinfall is a very popular place, so it has well-prepared infrastructure. Not only the above-mentioned platform is available to tourists - there is also a thematic trail with elevators, a playground for children and an interactive exhibition about waterfalls. Be sure to come here if you are going to Zurich or Lake Constance. Access is easy thanks to panoramic trains, so no matter where you start your route, you will get here without any problems.

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Swiss waterfalls – a holiday idea

This is the last inspiration we offer you. Swiss waterfalls are memorable, so it's worth seeing them. We especially recommend this trip to families with children, because many of them offer visitors access to additional information about the attractions. During your summer vacation, you can combine learning with fun. Welcome to Switzerland !

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