Active vacations? At the campground, of course!

Active vacations? At the campground, of course! – main image

Often, when we imagine a vacation, we see ourselves on the beach in front of a several-star hotel, absorbed in blissful relaxation. Well, your dream vacation may look like this. It can also be completely different - filled with a number of attractions and daily activities aimed at recharging the battery with enough energy until the next vacation. Many people associate such active holidays with a stay at a campsite.

We burn calories while camping!

Changing a hotel apartment into a camping house or a place in a caravan brings only benefits. Firstly, we give ourselves the opportunity to commune with nature, fresh air and greenery. Secondly, today's campsites are real towns with dozens of streets running between the pitches. You have to walk a lot to cover them all - which means that you are forced to be constantly active . Thirdly, we can integrate as much as we want with people from different places, including in various activities, whether on the pitch or in the evening, around the bonfire or dancing. Finally, fourthly, we have a great opportunity to improve our fitness. Depending on what sports opportunities a given campsite offers, we can slim down our figure by using the swimming pool, as well as practicing kitesurfing, windsurfing or kayaking.

The options for spending time actively are virtually limitless. Outside the campsite, vacationers can explore the area in several ways (tourist trails, bicycle paths, Nordic walking), and inside the campsite they can burn calories on the tennis court or on the sports field, playing football, basketball or beach volleyball.

In a healthy body, healthy mind

Popular campsites located in famous resorts often have large swimming pool complexes . Lovers of fun in the water really like such centers because they have swimming pools with artificial waves, numerous slides, hydro massages and an Olympic swimming pool where you can test your skills and endurance.

Not only large campsites can surprise those who want to spend their holidays actively with their rich offer. Centers located by the sea or lakes have water equipment rentals , so those interested can easily rent, for example, a sailboat, a kayak or surfing equipment. It is often possible to sign up for a diving or swimming course at a campsite, just as professional instructors teach skiing or snowboarding in holiday resorts in the mountains.

Individually and in groups

Campers can choose from numerous sports options. If they want, they can exercise on their own, and if they would like to integrate with other residents of the center, they can participate in various types of recreational activities , as well as in competitions. You can take part in team sports, ranging from field hockey and handball to tennis and table tennis tournaments.

Many facilities have gyms and fitness centers where classes are conducted by qualified instructors. In turn, people who prefer outdoor activities can test their hand skills and eye confidence at the shooting range or take part in a paintball game.

In addition to shooting with a bow, an air gun or a rifle with paint bullets, you can become a child again for a moment and enter a large inflatable ball (zorbing). Another crazy option is to get soaked on a skimboard track , ride a go-kart or a quad bike. Some campsites also offer driving lessons on a two-wheeled vehicle called a Segway.

As you can see, there is a long list of ways to spend time at the campsite. Much depends on our creativity, but modern holiday resorts offer their guests so many ideas for active recreation that you can easily plan a stay for several weeks and not experience even a moment of boredom.

Below we present a short film shot by our friends from the best kitesurfing school from Jurata, "Kiteszkoła" - even if there are no suitable wind conditions for kite flying, there is always an alternative to spend time actively. By the way, we invite you to our stand during the Motor-Show fair, which will take place next weekend in Poznań - we will be giving away discounts on training at KiteSzkole.

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