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In fine weather at the campsite, you can enjoy preparing meals together and spending time in the bosom of nature - after all, many such facilities offer guests greenery, peace and quiet, as well as access to a river, lake or even a swimming pool. But what if the weather is not good?

One of the ideas for boredom is having fun together while playing a board game. For many, the first association is probably Monopoly or Scrabble - board games that do not need to be introduced to anyone. There are many more such games, which clearly proves that they are not out of fashion at all.

If not Monopoly, then what?


The first suggestion for a rainy afternoon is a game for fast and perceptive people known as Dobble . Requires 55 round cards with 50 motifs that must be matched together. Each of them has 8 pictures of different sizes and colors. The game is easy and exciting, especially when players get their hands on cards and try to match them to the one on the table as quickly as possible. The winner is the one who matches the pictures first and thus gets rid of all cards. Dobble is loud, players shout over each other and try to outdo each other. It does not require much space - you can play it in a tent, on a blanket, at a small table, in a word, anywhere.


Another board game is Time's Up! Family , liked by amateurs of competition. It requires the participation of at least 2 teams, whose task is to guess the names of professions, animals or items. There are 220 cards, and all names are 440. Each game lasts for 3 rounds, and the winner of the highest number of points wins. In the first round, the animator prompting his team can say any sentences, in the second - only one word, and in the third - he shows the password with gestures or sounds. Smartness counts, the speed of associating the facts, and the whole game is accompanied by a lot of laughter.

If we have more space ...

... then we can afford to play one of the most popular board games in the world - Carcassonne . It looks different each time, which is why there is no standard board - it is created during the game. The players one by one draws and puts tiles with a fragment of land on the table (by road, meadow or city). They add them to the existing ones, creating an ever-growing board. Each player has 7 pieces, and the winner is whoever scores the most points.


During the game, a good strategy and time are important - pieces are needed to get the next tiles. Players can compete with each other or cooperate in creating new objects.

There are a lot of board games on the market and every family will find the perfect one for themselves. In the final summary, it is not the time and place that counts, but the company.

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