By motorhome through France - requirements and effects of overloading

By motorhome through France - requirements and effects of overloading – main image

Your camper may have different weights. The curb weight (MW) after leaving the factory will be different than the current weight after installing the awning, air conditioning, additional batteries... In addition, there is also the weight of passengers, luggage, water, fuel... It should be noted that the permissible gross weight (GVM) is the weight limit , which your vehicle cannot exceed (including passengers, luggage and fuel). Remember that!

Regulations on overloading a camper in France

In France, it is prohibited to drive a vehicle or combination of vehicles whose actual weight exceeds the GVM ( Article R 312-2 of the Highway Code ).

In case of violation, the minimum fine is €135 . If the excess exceeds 5%, the vehicle may be confiscated.

Campers with a GVW above 3.5t and driving in France

For classic campers, i.e. those that can be driven with a regular category B driving license, the permissible total weight is 3.5 tons (or less). Above this weight it is called a truck camper .

In terms of road traffic in France, a truck camper is subject to the same regulations as a truck. In terms of speed, it must comply with a maximum speed of 110 km/h on motorways, 100 km/h on dual carriageway roads separated by a central green belt, and 80 km/h on other roads.

As with other vehicles, speed is limited to 50 km/h in urban areas.

You should also take into account road traffic regulations and prohibitions related to weight and dimensions: narrow roads, bridges, safety distance...

However, a truck camper is not subject to regulations for vehicles that transport goods (for example, restrictions in some cities, summer periods or regulations limiting driving time - tachograph). Regarding restrictions, please only refer to GVM limit signs.

ANGLES MORTES stickers warning about blind spots in France

Angles Mortes stickers - France blind spot

Campers and vehicle combinations weighing more than 3.5 tonnes must be equipped with blind spot lights. The ordinance on this matter was published in the Official Journal on January 5, 2021. This applies to all vehicles weighing over 3.5 tons, including campers of vehicle combinations.

Where to mount it?

These signals must be visible on the sides and rear of the vehicle in all circumstances. Generally speaking, it should be placed at a distance of 0.90 m to 1.50 m from the ground unless there are special circumstances. Moreover, it must be mounted in such a way that it does not obstruct the visibility of regulatory plates and inscriptions on the vehicle, the visibility of various lights and signaling devices and the driver's field of vision.

Camper rental with GVM over 3.5t

If you are wondering where you can rent campers with a GVW above 3.5t, you will find such vehicles in our camper search engine by selecting the appropriate filters. We have offers of campers for rent there from various rental companies from all over Poland, which are legally operating companies on our market.

Road tolls in France for campers

On French motorways, tolls are collected at toll gates. Because many highways belong to different entities, each highway section is priced differently and there is no single rate per kilometer. The price depends on the class of the vehicle and its height.

We described the topic of road tolls for heavy campers in a separate article titled: What are the road tolls for campers with a GVW above 3.5t

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