Children's games at the campground

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Young children at the campsite can draw, play dozens of games or perform "adult" duties such as helping prepare meals. Slightly older offspring can also do this, but they can also be encouraged to take slightly more sophisticated activities. On American portals we can find a lot of creative ideas that stimulate the imagination and encourage the whole family to join the fun.

An example is the preparation of totems from paper plates and various materials. We will create our portraits together, sticking eyes made of acorns, hair made of noodles or twigs on the plates. The resulting totems can be placed on sticks stuck in the ground - our offspring will have no problems with getting into a tent or a camper.

Observed at American colleagues

An interesting idea is to make a one-of-a-kind T-shirt . Its preparation can be great fun outdoors, when the whole family rests, for example, after lunch, before setting off on further journeys. The design concept is endless, ranging from handprints to more complex motifs. Our little ones only need cardboard, a glass of flour, water, a bottle with which you can squeeze the mass (a bottle of energy drink will be useful), spray paint for clothes and, of course, a bright T-shirt.

The cardboard should be placed in the T-shirt so that the paint does not stain its back side. From flour and water, a mass is prepared, from which a pattern will be formed - its consistency should resemble a thick sauce. It should be squeezed onto the T-shirt, forming the selected shape, and then exposed to the sun for a few hours to "harden". Then we cover the pattern with paint and let it dry. The final stage is peeling off the mass and discovering the motif. The t-shirt is ready and our child can proudly wear it during trips.

Natural jewelry

After a day full of walking along mountain paths and soaking your feet in the streams, you will probably notice that in the motorhome we have more stones of an interesting shape and color. Children like to find such treasures, and we can encourage them to use them - as necklaces. All you need is a thong and a wire to create original jewelry . A pebble is wrapped with wire (wrapping itself can be creative) and then a loop is formed. You can use a pencil - after tightening the wire around it, you get a neat, even loop.

You can change anything into jewelry, including ... shoes. The most ordinary flip-flops will catch the eye if you have tiny shells or a few colorful pebbles stuck to them. We can also prepare ribbons, mouline threads or ordinary string for children.

A little fantasy will give our kids lots of fun while camping. They will bring from it not only a lot of memories, but also original, hand-made souvenirs. There is no doubt that they will be looking forward to their next trip.


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