Choosing a tourist tent for camping

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If we already have the pleasure of sleeping in a tent and have spent more than one night camping, choosing the right tent should not pose any difficulties. Based on experience, we can easily determine what we expect during such trips. However, if we are buying the first tent in our tourist career, we will certainly need a little help.

Tourist tents for hiking and camping

Tourist tents can be very diverse, so determining only how many people a tent should accommodate does not guarantee that we will find the right model. Although at first glance, choosing the right model seems like a tedious process, it actually all comes down to answering a few key questions.

How to choose a tent?

First, we need to determine how many people will use the tent. All tourist tents from renowned brands have a suggested number of places, so we can easily find out what model we are dealing with. However, many people deliberately choose slightly larger tents to provide themselves with additional space inside. It is worth considering this option, especially when we reach the campsite by car and a slightly larger tent will not be a problem during transport.

Secondly, it is worth considering what type of structure will meet our requirements. Tourist tents with a self-supporting structure can be set up without guy lines and then moved to find the perfect place to pitch the tent. This feature is particularly useful in the mountains and on rocky ground, where it is more difficult to find a suitable place to drive pins. If we are aiming more at camping tents, this will not be a problem because most campsites offer grassy ground.

Thirdly, the waterproofness of the tent. Although it is an extremely important feature, most often we do not have to worry about it. The vast majority of tourist tents are waterproof enough to withstand average rainfall. We should pay more attention to this parameter if we know that the place we are going to may experience more difficult conditions and the rainfall that may occur will be greater than average. Then we should choose a model with increased water resistance. People who choose ultralight tents should also be particularly vigilant. The lightest models often have only basic water resistance and therefore may not be the best choice for several rainy overnight stays in a row.

Fourthly, it is worth reviewing tourist tents of a selected size from several brands. Selected manufacturers often use proprietary solutions that significantly increase the comfort of using the tent. Some camping tents are equipped with functional hangers and shelves, others have darkened bedrooms for even more comfortable sleep, and still others have a perfectly developed ventilation system that will ensure quick ventilation in the hottest weather.

Which tourist tent for camping?

When choosing a camping tent, it is worth focusing primarily on the comfort it will offer during a long stay in one place. Larger camping tents certainly require a little more time to set up, but if we intend to camp in one place for several days, it is worth spending a little more effort at a time. This will increase the comfort of using the tent throughout your long stay. When choosing this one model, it is worth paying attention to higher camping tents that will allow you to move inside in an upright position. This is a very convenient solution that dramatically increases the comfort of a long stay in a tent. We can simply walk inside without having to bend down every time to squeeze through the low passage.

When choosing camping tents, it is also worth paying attention to the area offered by the vestibule. The bigger it is, the better. It offers shelter during bad weather and allows you to have a nice time even on days when it is raining outside. Larger camping tents even allow you to put camping furniture inside, giving you a comfortable dining room.

Completely different tourist tents will work well if we change our place of stay every day. Then a minimalist camping tent will be better. Most likely, we will only sleep in it and use the day to move from one place to another.

Which tourist tent is suitable for hiking or cycling?

When we travel with all the necessary equipment on our backs or in panniers, its weight is at the forefront of the list of the most important features of each piece of equipment. The lighter it is, the easier and more pleasant it will be to cover the next kilometers of the trail. It is no different in the case of tents. When choosing a camping tent, we should first of all focus on making it as light as possible. The smallest tents from well-known manufacturers can weigh as much as a large water bottle. Together with the low weight, the size of the package usually also decreases. Thanks to this, camping tents can easily fit into a backpack or pannier

Tourist tents ensure a good night's sleep during every trip

Regardless of whether we are going on a long camping holiday with our family or going on a multi-week trek to remote parts of the world, a properly selected tent will constitute the basis of our equipment. It is worth choosing tourist tents from renowned outdoor brands, which will guarantee high quality workmanship and reliability throughout the trip. Sophisticated, smoothly operating zippers, durable but light materials, carefully taped seams, and finally properly designed tent ventilation will make every setting up camp and resting a pure pleasure.

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