Full relaxation on vacation only with private liability insurance

Full relaxation on vacation only with private liability insurance – main image

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Vacation is a time to relax and take a break from everyday life. And nothing should spoil it. Sometimes, however, an accident may happen during holiday activities. A broken glass by a ball, scratching the body of a car parked by the pavement with a bicycle, or causing other damage to a third person. Sometimes such an event can be very costly and it is therefore important that you have financial support at that time. They will be provided by third party liability insurance in private life. You can buy them separately or by choosing a holiday policy.

Needless to say, the importance of proper travel insurance is. It will allow you to save costs related to the treatment process when you fall ill or have an unfortunate accident during your holiday abroad. What's more, travel insurance will provide the necessary support, if there is a need, for example, for medical transport to the country, or the help of an interpreter or a lawyer. But what if it is you who inadvertently harm someone or damage their property during your private life activities?

Third party liability insurance, also in private life

With financial help in covering the costs of damage that you, your child or even a pet cause to a third party, there is a private liability insurance. Although third party liability is mainly associated with compulsory car insurance, there is also third party liability insurance which covers private life activities.

Sometimes a moment of inattention while riding a bicycle is enough for a collision with another person or scratching the car's body. You will have to be financially responsible for the damage. Sometimes the losses you cause won't be expensive to repair. But you also have to take into account situations that the damage you cause to a third person will have serious financial consequences. Imagine a situation where the person you have ridden your bike in suffers more damage than just a few bruises. You may be entitled to a claim related to covering, for example, the costs of treatment, rehabilitation, as well as for material damage, e.g. for the purchase of new glasses or repair of a bicycle.

If you have children, you probably know that even keeping an eye on them, you can't foresee all situations. When they play football, it is easy for them to accidentally bounce it in the wrong direction and break a shop window or a car window.

Also, when staying overnight in a hotel, guesthouse or apartment, it may happen that you damage the furniture or stain the carpet. When going on vacation with your dog, you should also take into account that it may damage something, and even bite another vacationer's pet. Some situations you just can't predict, let alone prevent them. However, you can take care of adequate financial security when you have to pay for their consequences.

In addition, thanks to civil liability insurance in private life, you will not have to worry about possible court costs and paying a lawyer or an expert opinion.

How much should you insure by choosing third party liability insurance in private life?

The suggested amount of the guarantee amount depends on the region of the world you are going to and the insurance awareness of the residents. In countries such as Australia, Canada and the United States, medical care is extremely expensive, and judicial compensation cases are not uncommon (especially in the latter country mentioned here). So if you plan to spend your vacation there, it will be best if you decide on a high guarantee sum.

It is not only in the USA that claims for damages are brought more frequently. Therefore, when traveling around Europe, you should also have civil liability insurance with a guaranteed sum of PLN 100 - 200 thousand. The amount of the guarantee amount depends, among other things, on the costs of treatment in the country where you are staying.

If you are going to Asia, your travel insurance should include private liability insurance for at least PLN 100,000. In some countries, treatment may not seem as expensive as in Europe or America, and the awareness of residents in applying for compensation (in Japan, the situation is quite the opposite), but it is better to be prepared for the financial consequences of events.

Insurance awareness pays off

As with any policy, carefully read the general terms and conditions of insurance before you decide to buy it. Familiarize yourself with the subject matter of insurance what the exclusions are and the definition of private life activities and make sure they are all covered. Also check if the contract contains any provisions regarding franchise, excess or amount limits (the insurer will not cover the charges related to damages until they exceed a certain amount, e.g. PLN 200).

Also pay attention to the limits in your insurance. Some events, for example the issuance of an expert opinion or court proceedings, may be financed by the insurer only up to the amount specified in the contract, and not up to the total amount guaranteed.

Liability insurance in private life is not always remembered when choosing a holiday policy. Help and financial support are invaluable in situations where you will have to cover the costs that the aggrieved had to bear because of your fault. It is even more worthwhile to conclude this holiday insurance (and not only for holidays), because the premium for third party liability insurance in private life is not high.


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