Gotowe, pełnowartościowe i bezglutenowe dania - idealne na wyjazdy kamperem!

Gotowe, pełnowartościowe i bezglutenowe dania - idealne na wyjazdy kamperem! – main image

This is the third article in a series of the most beautiful camper tours in the USA and Canada. The routes that we present here are created in cooperation with Cruise America - the largest camper rental in America, of which we are the only and official representative in Poland. At the end of each described route, we provide approximate rental costs in different months, e.g. in May, July and October, as well as fuel, insurance, etc.

If you want to quote your trip individually - write to us at: [email protected] . Remember that we guarantee lower prices than booking directly with Cruise America. Soon you will be able to check them in person on our website: and now you can sign up for the newsletter there to download the tourbook and not miss the launch of the price search engine!

Motorhome travel route

Article prepared in cooperation with Cruise America

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This article was prepared in cooperation with ExpresMenu

The main driver, founder and the brain of CampRest. He is the one who runs the whole mechanism, implements new ideas faster than he is able to invent them. He used to be a professional driver and have run his own freight forward company - as you can see, he has always been drawn to sleep in the car;) He likes to drive large motorhomes and encourages you to get a C driving license and buy motorhomes over 3.5 tons.

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