High temperature and the operation of our cars

High temperature and the operation of our cars – main image

We prepare our cars for a specific time of the year many times, however, due to the specific climate, we have to take into account changing weather conditions. Very high temperatures can be the most dangerous for the car. Let's check how we should act to minimize the risk of faults.

Spring has already started, but apart from the fact that the weather is more favorable, you should also remember about its potentially negative impact on our cars. The weather is improving, but we have to take into account the fact that it is very changeable - one day it can be warm and sunny, and the next you will see heavy rain outside our windows. In the most extreme cases, we can also reckon with the return of winter and snowfall. It is true that we still have to wait a bit for the very high temperature, but it is worth preparing well in advance.

First of all, you should be aware of how individual parts of the car react to specific weather. If the weather is hot outside, we must take into account that the temperature will increase while driving, among others. engine and gearbox. In order to prevent potential failures, we should take care of the selection of oil and its pressure, fluid in the cooling system, efficient fans and a clean radiator. It is worth taking care of it very carefully, because no one would like the car engine to overheat.


A very important element is the thermostat and fans located on the radiator. At high temperatures, the fan should continue to run for a while after the engine has been turned off. Otherwise, go to the service and check the operation of the temperature sensors. If, on the other hand, our radiator is dirty, it can lead to a lack of fluid flow and cooling, which in turn causes a serious failure many times.

High temperature can be an enemy of our cars, but this does not mean that when we have 30 degrees Celsius outside the window, the car should be left in the garage. The priority is to take care of individual elements of the car and remembering about such activities as fluid replacement or periodic car servicing in order to check whether the elements responsible for, for example, cooling work as they should. Engine overheating may lead to further failures, which in turn may seriously affect our budget , ”said a specialist at Auto Plaza in Warsaw.


Safety is paramount, and it is influenced by brake pads. In very hot conditions, the brake pads may have less braking force. If we replace them, it is worth investing a larger amount, because the cheapest ones can lose braking power very quickly during high temperatures, and this in turn affects driving comfort and safety.

Keep in mind the most obvious component of the car: the tires. Winter tires should be changed as soon as the temperature stabilizes above zero. If we have not used our car for some time, and it is summer outside the window, then before we go on a further journey, we should necessarily change the tires to those of a harder mixture.

High temperatures can be much more dangerous than the winter weather that drivers fear so much. However, if we take care of individual parts of our car, the risk of an unpleasant surprise should be minimized.

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