How to be a good neighbor at the campsite?

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If someone knows the basic rules of conduct in public places, this will be trivial for them. On the other hand, if he does not know them or knows them but ignores them, attempts to teach him to be a good neighbor are doomed to failure. And here we can imagine a noisy group that throws loud parties until dawn, harasses neighbors looking for a fight, and when they leave, they leave behind a pile of garbage. Is there any point in talking about it at all? It is because it is not about such extreme situations, but about a few rules that should be followed in order to have fun yourself and not make the lives of others miserable.

Caravanning Savoir vivre

Everyone seems to know what is allowed and what is not allowed at the campsite. But does everyone read the regulations ? And yet this should be the basic rule - perhaps most of the rules applicable in such places are universal, but it is quite possible that the particular campsite we are at has its own rules and it would be worth getting acquainted with them.

"Freedom, Tomek, in his house"

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For us, a stay at the campsite is a time of rest, fun and relaxation, but we must remember that everyone came here with the same attitude. Therefore, we do not make noise , especially at night (not only because such a ban is included in the regulations). Moreover, we do not shorten our routes by trampling paths in the neighbor's field - everyone has their own piece of "backyard" here and it should not be disturbed.

Beware of speed at the campsite

We drive carefully around the campsite . You must not exceed the speed limit, especially for the sake of children playing everywhere. If you are returning very late or very early, you should not use blinding lights.

If we want to light a fire (if possible), we only use dry branches - we do not tear them from the tree. If we need additional roofing, we can tie ropes between the camper and the tree; we absolutely do not use any nails to attach strings or cables.

Dog on a leash

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A dog is also a member of the family and if possible, we take it with us on vacation. However, remember not to allow him to go on independent trips around the campsite. This is not only about the safety of other vacationers and the dog itself, but also about the obligation to clean up after your dog.

Leave a good impression, not garbage

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We clean up after ourselves , no matter where we are. We tidy up the picnic table after the meal and clean up after bathing in public bathrooms. Before leaving the campsite, you should collect all garbage from your area, cut off and remove the ropes connecting the tent or camper from the trees. And above all, you need to leave the field at the right time - perhaps another camper is waiting for you in your place.

The campsite usually has special sinks where you can wash your dishes. Dirty water should be poured into the catchment area, the same applies to emptying chemical toilets - we do not pour waste into a lake, stream or on the ground. Following these recommendations will help us avoid contamination of drinking water sources.

Camper service - are you doing it correctly?

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It is a pity that many caravanners, especially the "young" ones, do not yet know how to use modern amenities that are already standard in Western Europe.

We recently witnessed an unpleasant situation at a service station. Pan approached it with a cassette, looked around the catchment area, and then wanted to pour its contents next to...

Fortunately, we managed to react quickly and show how to use the catchment, but this is only one case that we managed to stop. We have seen many times the results of inappropriate use of watersheds. This is most often seen in the gray water disposal area. The contents of the chemical toilet cassette are poured out there, even though there is a dedicated catchment post next to it (details can be found here: Camper System ).

Therefore, as the editors of a caravanning portal, we have a request to the owners of camper rental companies: not only teach your customers how to remove the cassette from the camper, but also how and where to empty it. The more education, the more friendly caravanning will be for everyone.


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