Adria 2020 - trailers with new interiors

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Adria is one of the most popular caravan manufacturers in Europe. However, you cannot rest on your laurels! To maintain high demand, Adria is renewing its trailer offer for 2020.

Astella, which we wrote about here , is not the only novelty from Adria among caravans. The Slovenian manufacturer has modernized the Altea, Aviva, Alpina and Adora models.

Caravans for everyone

At the top of the models, we find the all-year-round Alpina - a premium class caravan. The sales hit is Adora - a family caravan, which is distinguished by a very large, panoramic window.

Among the most interesting Adria models, you should definitely include the small and light Action caravan. In addition, the offer includes Altea - a versatile caravan that can accommodate from 2 to 7 people, and Aviva - winner of the European Innovation Award. Each model is available in several layouts.

All caravans are built to Thermo-build 's insulation, ventilation, airflow and heating standards and come with a 2-year general warranty and a 7-year leakproof warranty . The warranty is supported by 500 Adria dealers across Europe and beyond.

Aviva after a new one


For the 2020 season, Aviva offers a new interior. The manufacturer pays attention primarily to more comfortable furniture, including better mattresses. Aviva offers 9 layouts ranging in length from 553 to 685 cm (with a drawbar) and all possible bed formats, including bunk beds. Depending on the variant, Aviva can provide accommodation for a minimum of two and a maximum of 6 people.

Altea with a better kitchen


In Altea, it is worth paying attention to the new 472 KP layout, which has an innovative (optional) pull-out kitchen, built into the side of the caravan.

The new Altea is also lighter and brighter than its predecessor. It has tinted double glazing, a two-piece door, a new bathroom with a folding washbasin, and a more modern kitchen with better equipment.

The style of the interior has also been changed a bit, adding more lighting and providing a wider range of textiles in different color variants. The manufacturer took care of the comfort by giving a new filling to upholstered furniture and replacing mattresses. The new Altea offers 11 interior layouts . Choose from a variety of bedroom layouts, including bunk beds .

Truma heating with optional electric underfloor heating was installed in the trailer. Gas cylinders are placed in the front glove compartment. The vehicle is built on a GFK polyester body with aluminum walls.

Adora - more doors

Among the caravans from the Adora series, the 673 PK version deserves special attention - in this caravan you will find two pairs of doors - one will enter the living room, the other to the bedroom. Depending on the variant, Adora can accommodate from 4 to 7 people.

Alpina - apartment on wheels

The new "short" layout of Alpina - 583 LP offers more floor space in a smaller vehicle size. As befits a high-class caravan, the interior design and colors are typical of the apartment . In the longest variant (903 HT), up to 9 people can stay overnight.


As an option, we can receive the Adria MACH smart control mobile application. Thanks to it, you can control heating, light, air conditioning and power using a smartphone or tablet. In addition, the program provides navigation and data on places of interest, including campsites. You can also access the user manual and add mobile office features.

The living room (and dining room) are U-shaped. The panoramic window makes it really bright. The TV was also thought of if the weather was not good. In addition, the trailer has an ergonomic bathroom (with a movable wall), in which you can separate the toilet from the shower with one hand movement.

If you are interested in Adria caravans, it is best to go to the Elcamp company from Krakow, an authorized dealer of this brand. Employees will be happy to tell you about the trailers of this manufacturer.

And from October 18, 2019, you will be able to see various vehicles of this manufacturer at the Camper & Caravan Show in Nadarzyn at the Elcamp stand - welcome!

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