Astella - a luxury novelty from Adria

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Adria was shining at this year's caravanning fair in Düsseldorf! It happened thanks to the new, luxurious caravan of Adria Astella.

From the outside , Astella looks more like a modern home than a caravan. There are also designer solutions inside.

Aviation technology at the campground

If a lover of luxury is also a lover of nature, then he no longer has to choose between an elegant interior, which are usually offered by expensive hotels in large cities, and spending holidays, e.g. in the forest wilderness. He can take his perfect home with him wherever he wants.

What characterizes the new Adria Astelle? Clean lines, simple shapes, large space and the use of noble materials, including metal inserts. Thanks to the panoramic doors and windows , you get the impression that nature is permeating the interior.

The shape is distinguished mainly by the body. Rectangular, but at the same time rounded sides, create a modernist shape , devoid of unnecessary ornaments. This has a positive effect on the aerodynamic properties, which in turn facilitates towing a trailer. Apparently, the designers were inspired by the shape of ... a smartphone.


An interesting fact is that during the project Astelli Adria established cooperation with the aircraft manufacturer - Pipistrel , which helped to achieve a high level of aerodynamics of the trailer. For a slightly futuristic effect and to emphasize the simplicity of the lines, LED contour lighting was used on the outside.


As befits such a modern design, the interior is richly equipped with modern technologies, including USB ports, a Bluetooth amplifier and Bose speakers. In Astella, we also find an initial air conditioning installation, Adria Air-Flow system with integrated ventilation and Alde underfloor heating.

Astella also offers (optionally) the new Adria MACH smart control mobile application that allows you to control lighting, heating, air conditioning and utilities. The system includes navigation and data on places of interest, including campsites and Adria retailers.

Modern and spacious interior

Inside, the spaces freely permeate one another. Despite this, the clear layout of the rooms allows you to freely demarcate individual zones. The modern, white kitchen is L-shaped.

The angular cabinets do not have handles, which gives the impression that the furniture forms one block. The room is fully equipped, also with a full size oven. Thanks to the skylight, there is no shortage of light. In addition, the kitchen is located opposite the double entrance doors, which ensures good ventilation.


From the kitchen, we go to a spacious living room, equipped with an impressive, fold-out sofa and also a fold-out table. Lockable shelves and racks guarantee a lot of storage space. A spacious bathroom located between the living room and bedroom should satisfy everyone. The night part is separated from the day part, thanks to which the privacy of users is ensured. Octasprings mattresses allow you to rest comfortably.

Choose a layout for yourself

The new Astella is offered in three interior plans to choose from:

Astella 704 HP is the perfect place for a couple. The caravan has a bedroom and a large living room. It is worth noting that both the night area and the living room have panoramic doors . The couch is fold-out, so two more people can be accommodated if needed. An interesting solution is the kitchen located along the front wall.


The Astella 754 DP has a slightly different layout of the saloon, as it occupies the entire front part. The kitchen, toilet and shower cubicle are in the middle. At the end we find a separate bedroom. This trailer can also accommodate 4 people.


Astella 904 HP is a nearly two-room apartment with a kitchen, bathroom and shower. In this arrangement, we will find two bedrooms, but the one in the middle of the vehicle can also be used as a living room. Opposite the fold-out couch there is a bunk bed, so this version has 6 berths . In the kitchen area, a real dining room was conceived!


The new Adria Astella can only be purchased from selected dealers. We propose a visit to the company, where you will surely learn a lot more about it.


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