How to take care of the tanks in the caravan and motorhome?

How to take care of the tanks in the caravan and motorhome? – main image

The care with which we handle the tanks in our vehicles is of great importance for their durability, patency of the installation, microbiological safety and broadly understood hygiene.

Water (both clean and gray) left in tanks and installations for a long time, especially at higher temperatures, is an ideal environment for the development of undesirable microorganisms. This phenomenon is often referred to as " blooming ", and a characteristic biofilm builds up on pipes and the inner walls of tanks.

Another possible problem may be calcifications and other mineral compounds that accumulate over time due to hard water. Just like in a kettle, they can precipitate over time in the form of mechanical impurities in the water consumed or affect the patency of pipes and fittings. The gray water tank should also be taken care of regularly. Failure to maintain this important element over time may lead to problems with patency, considerable amounts of contamination caused by accumulated substances of organic origin (mainly fats) and, after a short time, lead to damage to the level probes and/or seals.

The list below presents a number of technologically advanced products that will help keep tanks in good condition. Of course, their use is not the only right way, but it is definitely the safest and the safest. Both the materials from which tanks and installations are made, as well as those used in seals and valves, may not withstand aggressive chemicals used in industry or households (e.g. high concentrations of chlorine). Taking into account the value of vehicles and the costs of possible repairs, it is better to extend the life of the above-mentioned installations by investing in dedicated funds that have a positive impact on their lifespan.

Silver ball – purpose: drinking water conservation


Silver ions have aseptic properties and effectively improve the quality of water in tanks by slowing down degenerative processes. The ball is intended for tanks up to 80 liters (small version) or up to 300 liters (large version). The product is added to a clean tank through an inspection hole. The product has a self-regulating effect for up to 2.5 years. Silver ion concentration below 0.01 mg/l. The small silver ball has a diameter of 45 mm and the large one has a diameter of 86 mm.
It consists of a special silver wire. Silver ions cannot be used in metal tanks.

Dr Keddo Mikrosept – intended use: drinking water conservation


Microsept is a silver-based liquid preservative for drinking water. It is tasteless and odorless, does not contain chlorine or nitrates in a specific dose. Not suitable for metal tanks.

Microsept 100 ml / pipette for tanks up to 50 l
Microsept 100 ml / spray cap for tanks from 50 l
250 ml dosing bottle for tanks from 100 liters
100 ml is enough for 1000 liters of water.

Dr. Keddo Schleimpur – purpose: cleaning tanks


Schleimpur removes sludge, streaks, germs and algae as well as limescale in the water systems of campers and caravans. It must be completely removed after application. It is biodegradable. 250 ml is enough to clean a 100 liter fresh water tank. We recommend cleaning your tank system twice a year.

Dometic Tank Cleaner – intended use: cleaning and disinfection of tanks


Dometic tank cleaner is a product based on environmentally friendly detergents. The convenient tablet form makes dosing easier.

Dr Keddo Despur – purpose: cleaning and disinfection of tanks and installations


Despur completely removes lime, sludge and streaks, additionally disinfecting the water installation.
Frequency: once a year. Best used together with a silver ball (Silberkugel)
Capacity: 500 ml/100 l tank
Available in various capacities.

Thetford Gray Water Fresh


The agent prevents unpleasant odors from the installation. Minimizes the formation of sediments and deposits in the gray water tank. Treats the tank and its contents. Allows you to empty the gray water tank odorlessly.
Capacity 0.8l.

Dr. Keddo Purimar – purpose: elimination of unpleasant odors


Eliminates unpleasant odors in the sewage/gray water tank. It can also be used as a very mild descaling agent from tanks, sinks, coffee machines, etc. Based on citric acid; easily biodegradable.

Dosage: approx. 100 ml per 100 liter tank.

Packaging – 0.5 l

Duo Tank Cleaner Concentrated – intended use: cleaning tanks


This is one of the newest members of the famous Thetford Concentrated family. Universal, strong, concentrated cleaner for sewage tanks and gray water tanks. Refreshes and cleans all such tanks, extending their life.

It removes scale, sediment and grease, also cleaning the mechanisms inside the tanks. No scrubbing required!
0.8 l = 4 x cleaning of the holding tank (4 × 200 ml)
0.8 l = 1 x cleaning of the holding tank (200 ml) + 1 cleaning of the gray water tank (600 ml)

Recommended use 2-3 times a year.

The above proposals are just a fragment of CarGO's offer! In their store, they also have a number of agents to prevent tanks from freezing, as well as specialized agents, such as agents for neutralizing and removing diesel fuel from the clean water tank.

Be sure to visit their store and take advantage of the rich offer and promotions!


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This article was prepared in cooperation with CarGO!
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