Leave without a pet, i.e. a babysitter needed immediately

Leave without a pet, i.e. a babysitter needed immediately – main image

The subject of this article does not lose its relevance, coming back like a boomerang every vacation, holiday or long weekends. Writing about it is difficult because the theses presented in the text should interest the most those who are interested little or not at all.

When we talk about organizing a holiday trip, guardians of dogs, cats, guinea pigs or other pets are divided into those who know everything about it and do not know anything - and they do not mind. The latter, when planning their vacation, take care of what is important to them, i.e. where they will go, how much they will spend and how much fun they will have. The organization of care for a pet left at home is not so important that they devote too much time to it. As a result, the holiday period is filled with information about more abandoned animals year after year. And the problem can be solved so easily ...

The cat is home alone

It has been assumed that while the dog requires more attention, the cat is practically self-sufficient. He attaches to places, not people, and pays no attention to the household members. Well, unless he wants something. You don't have to be an experienced breeder or even a cat lover to know that this is complete bullshit.

A cat - like a human - has its own character. He may be a typical couch potato and lazy, he may not like being licked or carried too much, but it certainly makes a difference to him whether there is a man in the apartment with him or if he is left alone for a week . Full bowls of food and water plus a clean litter box are not enough. It is worth coding that a cat does not consist of a furry, selfish heart on all four legs.

Pet care - friends or hotel?

Both a cat, a dog and any other animal we care for should survive the period of our absence as stressfully as possible. We prepare for the vacation in advance, so there is a lot of time to find care for it. It can be a trusted friend who we leave the keys to the apartment, to visit the pet "on its premises", give it food and clean the litter box (or take it for a walk). You can also ask him to look after your pet at home. Then it is obligatory to provide him with an adequate supply of food, bowls and other accessories, e.g. litter with a litter box or a leash and a muzzle.

Caring for a week or more requires sacrifice. Not everyone has the time, opportunities and, let's be honest, a desire for them. What to do if no friend has decided to do so? A hotel for animals can be of assistance - for some it is a whim and unnecessary expense, for others it is the last chance to combine your vacation and a calm conscience about the safety of your pet. Prices for a day's stay start from PLN 20 and depend on the conditions. The owners of this type of facilities offer care with meals, care treatments, litter (bedding), the possibility of bathing in the living room and constant veterinary supervision.

It is best to choose a hotel on recommendation, but if we do not have such an option, let us suggest whether the facility is large or intimate. In the second option, each pet will be looked after, in the first there is a risk of "mass", and thus stress for the pet. Of course, this is not necessarily the case.


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