Road accidents - what are the most common? Ways to deal with them

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Driving a car is a passion for some people, a job for others, and a tiring duty for others. However, each of these people must be aware of the dangers and dangers of driving a car.

A breakdown preventing further driving can always happen: during a long trip or even on the way to school or to a nearby hypermarket. In such a situation, it will be necessary to call roadside assistance. However, probably no one would like to waste time and money on unwanted failures. Therefore, below are some tips on how to deal with such situations and how to prevent them.

The first method, which is a great solution for sensible people, is regular car servicing and replacement of consumables in accordance with the manufacturer's recommendations.

The second solution is to give yourself peace of mind by taking out Auto Casco insurance . This is a guarantee that in the event of a car theft or an accident, you will be provided professional assistance that will not burden your wallet.

Below are some of the most common road breakdowns:

Brakes failure

These types of failures are directly related to inoperative brakes. They are one of the most dangerous breakdowns, because the lack of brakes in the car can lead to tragic consequences. The most common cause of this type of failure is a leaky brake hose, as well as badly worn brake pads. The brakes are subject to heavy braking, e.g. on long descents.

The brake fluid also boils over its age. Symptoms are loss of braking ability and collapse of the brake pedal. The high water content caused by the high moisture absorption lowers the temperature very much. This causes the fluid to overheat.

Engine failure

Engine failures are a common problem. The reason may be engine seizure, broken timing belt or even turbine failure. If you want to avoid such a breakdown, change the oil regularly and take care of its proper level. A decrease in engine power means an impending breakdown, but also greater smoke in the exhaust gases or louder than usual operation of the turbine. Oil leakage near the engine is a clear indication that you need to visit a mechanic.


Some of the breakdowns prevent further driving and it is necessary to call roadside assistance

Clutch failure

The cause of clutch breakdown is its excessive use. The clutch should work perfectly for tens of thousands of kilometers. However, riding on the so-called half-clutches, dynamic sprints by traffic lights, uphill climbs or sharp maneuvers can significantly reduce the operating time of the clutch.

If you experience this kind of breakdown, be sure to call roadside assistance . Getting to the workshop by yourself puts a heavy strain on the gearbox and the engine.

However, if for some reason you will not be able to call for help and you will not be able to get there yourself, stick to the following rule.

Shift into second gear and start the engine. Despite the jerk, the car will start moving. Gently handle the gas. When shifting up gears, take your foot off the accelerator and gently shift into neutral. Prepare the next run and carefully add gas. Synchronizers should work properly.

A flat tire

This is a fault that can occur at any time. It happens because of foreign objects lying on the road, such as a nail or a stone. Puncture of the tire can also cause an aggressive maneuver.


You can replace the tire yourself. You will need a jack, a wrench and a spare tire. You will do this yourself, if you have not used a pneumatic wrench before. Then a normal wrench will not cope with the resistance and it will be necessary to call a roadside assistance. Some companies offer a wheel change, while others will transport your car to a garage.

Electrical failure

Roadside assistance workers complain about electrical breakdowns. Electrical system problems are the most common, they say. And there are many reasons: from a discharged battery, to a short circuit in the installation, to a blown fuse. If you want to avoid failure, first of all, take care of the battery. Make sure it is always charged. If you drive around the city a lot “around the chimney” and the distances are short, then try not to use a lot of unnecessary electricity - by using heated seats, air conditioning and others. When these devices are in operation, it is very possible that the alternator will not be able to make up for the deficit.

Another thing is that the battery should be replaced every 4-5 years . It is worth remembering from when a given battery has been installed in our car. Unfortunately, the beginnings of other electrical failures are difficult to notice, because the electrics in the car are located in invisible and accessible places.

Road breakdowns happen when you least expect it, when you are in a hurry, far from home. Therefore, remember to be prepared for any eventuality. Of course, there are situations that are unpredictable, and then it's best to call roadside assistance. The company's employees will repair the breakdown on the spot or take your car to a proven workshop.

Road accidents - what are the most common? Ways to deal with them – image 1
Road accidents - what are the most common? Ways to deal with them – image 2

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