Safety chains - high level of protection for the two-wheeler

Safety chains - high level of protection for the two-wheeler – main image

Motorcycle owners are well aware that their machines are quite simple prey for potential thieves. The theft, however, can be avoided, and certainly much longer. For this purpose, you should use motorcycle (safety) chains - why should you bet on them? Is this an effective security measure? See for yourself!

Safety chain and its advantages

It cannot be denied that anti-theft chains are one of the most popular ways to protect a motorcycle from people who think they can "borrow" someone else's property. Despite its two basic disadvantages, i.e. the large mass and space required for storage, a safety chain is a frequent choice of motorcyclists for several reasons. First of all, the simplicity of the structure - unlike disclocks or u-locks, there is really no element in the chain that could fail. As we know, in other security devices it can be, for example, pins. The price is also an advantage, although you have to pay a lot for the highest quality, long and solid chains.

It is also worth noting that despite its often large dimensions, the chain is quite flexible, so you can put it, for example, in a trunk. Importantly, the simplicity of this protection does not translate into its ease of crossing. On the contrary, a thief cannot cope with such protection in a few minutes, even if he is equipped with metal shears or other tools to facilitate his "work". Here we want to point out that it is worth choosing chains with a padlock or a lock included in the set. If you have a model in which these elements are missing, when buying a padlock, choose the one from the top shelf.

The length of the anti-theft chain - which one to choose?


The length of the safety chain you stand on may depend on exactly where your motorcycle will be standing. If there is a longer way to the nearest ground element, such as a railing, simply choose a longer product. You should also take into account the size, and more precisely the width of the motorcycle itself, if you do not want to mount the chain on the wheel, and elsewhere. Are you wondering what your options are when it comes to length? The most popular solutions that appear very often in online and stationary stores for motorcyclists and motorbikes are chains with a length of 100 and 90 centimeters. Of course, that's not all, because the manufacturers took care of longer models, for example 120 or even 170 centimeters long. You must remember that weight also follows length. A motorcycle chain (safety device) measuring 2.5 meters will be much heavier than one with a length of only one meter.

Choose a solid workmanship - choose a chain made of durable steel!

A popular material for motorcycle safety chains is, of course, steel. Most often, manufacturers such as Abus, for example, choose hardened steel. This alloy is resistant to saw cuts and pickaxes, and can withstand enormous pressures. Importantly, when betting on a steel product, pay attention to the material sleeve with which each chain should be equipped. This will prevent damage to the paintwork or chrome on your motorcycle .

In conclusion, choose safety chains made of the most durable metal alloys. Bet on sufficiently long productions, which additionally have factory-made clasps. Do not forget that the chain you want to buy has a fabric sleeve. By following these recommendations, you will buy a solid, very durable product!

Safety chains - high level of protection for the two-wheeler – image 1

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