We choose a bike for the first long route

We choose a bike for the first long route – main image

When our condition allows us to cover further stretches on the bike, we need to plan the route and verify whether our equipment can handle longer distances. While the route can only be limited by our imagination, the choice of a bicycle should be carefully considered. A two-wheeler will be an inseparable companion of our trips, and the comfort of the journey depends on its parameters.

The choice of a bicycle very often depends on the budget that we can spend on its purchase. In order to buy a bicycle that will serve us faithfully during trips, you do not have to spend astronomical sums. We can buy a good touring bike for around PLN 1,500. Of course, the higher the price, the better components it will be equipped with, and this will improve the quality of driving. Mountain bikes, trekking bikes and road bikes are suitable for further trips. It all depends on what areas we want to traverse. If we do not have specific preferences, it is best to choose the most universal one, i.e. trekking. Once you've chosen the right type of bike, it's time to look at the specific elements that make up the quality of your bike.

Light frame

We can choose from many frames with different specifications. For long trips, it's best to choose an aluminum frame because it is definitely lighter than the rest. The weight of the frame mainly affects the weight of the entire bike. Durability is also extremely important, because with higher loads, we must have a guarantee that our equipment on the route will not fail to obey. When choosing a frame, remember to adjust it to your height, which will ensure comfort and avoid unnecessary back pain.

Big wheels

Large wheels, even the 28 "and 29" wheels, will work best on asphalt tours. When we decide to go on a mountain route, it is better to choose wheels with a diameter of 26 ". Of course, their selection depends on the individual preferences of the rider, so it's best to check different types on bicycles borrowed from friends. Wheels - like the frame - must be durable, so not it is worth using the cheapest solutions, because we may encounter an unpleasant surprise on the way.

Durable tires

In the case of tires, let's focus on durability. Their choice is closely related to the wheels. - It's best to buy tires from a brand manufacturer, such as Schwalbe and Continental. This is a guarantee that they will serve us for a long time. You can buy solid tires for just PLN 50. Remember to consult specialists when buying to avoid errors in matching the tire to the rim - remind experts of the sporti.pl bicycle store.

Comfortable saddle

As you know, sitting must be comfortable. After all, it is there that we will spend long hours during our trips. We have to choose this part ourselves, of course with the help of specialists. Trekking saddles seem to be the best, but also those with a sporty shape are very popular among enthusiasts of longer trips.

Solid parts

It is also not worth saving money on parts such as the drive, steering wheel, brakes, chain or gears, although they are not as important as the previously mentioned elements. In this case, specialists suggest choosing well-known and respected brands, but at a reasonable price. Remember that the duration of the warranty is also important.

Necessary extras

Lighting, panniers or a bottle basket - these are accessories that are necessary during further trips. After all, we need to take something to drink, food or warm clothes in case of rain. If we set off on the road in the afternoon, we must have lighting that will not only allow us to be noticed by other road users, but above all, we will see what is ahead of us better.

As you can see, choosing a bike is not as complicated as it may seem when you enter the showroom. Pay attention to the most important elements, and the remaining components and accessories should be selected individually to your needs. After the purchase, we can already plan the first routes. Good way!


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