What should you take camping?

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Fashionable caravanning is a fantastic way to relax, but it requires special preparation. Get to know the list of what is necessary for camping and a few things that are good to have in your equipment.

A camping holiday for those who love independence and freedom

If you dream of resting in the bosom of nature, spending as much time as possible outdoors, drinking coffee in the morning and drinking wine in the evening under the open sky, mobility and independence, a camping holiday will be a great idea. However, packing for this type of trip requires slightly different equipment than when you are going to a hotel or accommodation. At the same time, you must not fall into the trap of the mind that thinks that when traveling with a trailer or camper, you can take most of the apartment. The amount of space available for storage is very limited, and in many vehicles it is easy to exceed their permissible total weight. What should be included in your luggage to be able to enjoy this type of holiday without any problems? What is necessary and what gadgets can make life easier?

Camping essentials list

Regardless of whether you plan to stay in a camper, caravan, tent or mobile home, certain items will always come in handy. The most important thing is:

  • shoes and clothes for all weather conditions - on warm days, shorts and short-sleeved T-shirts will certainly work, and for women , comfortable summer dresses . Remember, however, that the weather in Poland is not always pleasant for vacationers. Take warm sweaters and fleeces. Rain jackets and hiking boots will come in handy;
  • sleeping bags ;
  • sleeping pad - even if you don't need it for sleeping, it will allow you to sit comfortably by the fire or lie under the open sky, regardless of the condition of the ground. If you spend the night in a tent, it is worth considering a self-inflating mat, a camping mattress or a camp bed;
  • pillow - classic or inflatable;
  • flashlight and spare batteries - a headlamp with a red light option will work best, as it is not as irritating as white light;
  • powerbank - thanks to it you can always charge your phone or tablet, unless, of course, you plan to cut yourself off from electronics and the outside world. Ideally, your power bank will be charged with solar energy;
  • microfiber towels - not only do they dry very quickly, do not accumulate moisture, but also take up little space;
  • first aid kit - an absolute must have! The tourist first aid kit should include a dressing kit, a thermometer, as well as basic medicines, painkillers and antipyretic tablets, stomach drops, something for sore throat, cough, gel for bruises, etc.;
  • tourist backpack - useful for hiking;
  • camping stove - if you don't have one in your camper, it will allow you to prepare a hot meal without having to visit bars and restaurants. Lunch or dinner in a quiet place, surrounded by nature, always tastes good, even if it's just a store-bought jar of baked beans;
  • travel refrigerator - the ability to store groceries in cool conditions makes it easier to be independent and visit stores less often;
  • tourist tableware - plastic, silicone or metal cups, canteens, cutlery;
  • chemicals and cosmetics - be sure to remember about preparations that protect against mosquitoes and ticks, as well as sun cream with a high SPF filter;
  • drinking water - it's always worth having a few jugs on hand.

Gadgets to make your camping holiday more enjoyable

There are items on the market that you can do without, but their popularity is growing. These include:

  • a hammock with a set of mounting belts - an absolute hit not only at the campsite, but also while hiking on a mountain trail or in any forest. A break in a hammock will allow you to rest your muscles and soothe your senses. More and more people decide to sleep in a hammock ;
  • tourist shower and tourist toilet - some use it even on camping sites, where the cleanliness of the toilets leaves much to be desired;
  • foldable chairs and a table - they do not take up much space and allow you to comfortably rest or eat a meal;
  • inflatable sofa - lazy bag is a quickly inflatable sofa on which you will surely take a nap more than once;
  • board games - board and card games are great entertainment not only for children. They will perfectly diversify evenings and rainy days.

Most questions and doubts naturally arise during the first trip. Each subsequent one is much easier and takes less and less time to organize.


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